Purchase for Friday, February 18, 2011: Acceleration of Suguri X Edition (PSN) + Digger HD (PSN)

I had another moment (just one moment, as one of the games was free) of weakness and picked up some games at the PSN Store. Yay!

The other day I picked up Digger HD for free with my Playstation Plus membership. It’s a pretty fun and simple little arcade title. I’ve made my way through the first world so far, but I completely suck at this game. You dig tunnels around on the screen and try to nab up the green jems as monsters crawl through the tunnels after you. You’ll find money and item bags as well, but they have to fall 2 squares in order to break them open. Be careful though, because if they drop on you then you die. You can kill enemies by luring them underneath the falling loot bags. Pretty straight forward.

Acceleration of Suguri X Edition is a different kind of shoot ’em up. You face off in an arena like setting against another opponent. Each character has their own special powers. The game was only $5.99, so I figured I’d pick it up. For the first bit, it was a lot of fun, but then I did the story mode on normal difficulty. All was well, and then I got to the final boss. Wow, talk about balance issues. I tried around 30 times to defeat this boss, and it almost seems like you need sheer luck to win. Not impressed. I’d expect this on hard difficulty setting, but not normal. Fuck that. I’ll try again at some point, but I almost destroyed a controller with this end boss battle.


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