Purchases for Tuesday, February 8, 2011: Stacking, Explodemon! and Tales from Space: About a Blob (PSN). Also, Killzone 3 Demo is available.

The other night I found a few things on PSN. Stacking, Explodemon! and Tales from Space: About a Blob are purchases I made, and Killzone 3 had a single player demo out that I tried as well.

Stacking was free with my PSN Plus membership or $14.99 otherwise. It’s an interesting game, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a game like that when I purchased it. It’s an adventure game that has you doing a lot of talking…and stacking. You stack into different stack dolls. Each doll has a different ability. You then use these different abilities to solve puzzles throughout the game. It’s actually pretty cool, so I’ll be giving this game another try soon.

Explodemon! is a side-scrolling platformer that is…a bit strange. You’re an experimental guardian that has escaped during an attack on an alien world by another alien race. They didn’t want to risk letting you out, but an explosion caused you to become free of your cryo-stasis. Your power is: TO EXPLODE! You have an explosion meter, and when it fills up, you can use it to explode. It doesn’t hurt you, but it will explode eventually if you don’t use it. You can use to to jump higher, move faster, and attack enemies. After each level, you can use collected upgrade points to upgrade Explodemon. It’s different, and it’s not a bad game. $9.99.

Tales from Space: About a Blob is another interesting little side-scrolling platformer. You’re a blob and you’ve fallen to Earth from space. You are taken in by a scientist. You progress through the levels by absorbing items and solving simple little puzzles. You can also collect other little blobs as well, by absorbing them. CANIBALISM! Excellent. It’s cartoony and a fun little game. Definitely worth checking out the demo. $14.99.

The Killzone 3 single-player demo was released on Tuesday, and I decided I wanted to test out the Move controls. I have very mixed feelings about them so far. I tried changing the settings a few times, but nothing ever felt really all that good. If only there was an option to keep the cross-hairs in the middle of the screen, then I would likely be happy. It always feels like I have to move the controller way too far off to the side to turn face a new direction. I don’t like it. I may have to stick to the ordinary controller for this game.

Other than the Move controls being a disappointment, I was happy with how Killzone 3 is turning out between the single-player demo and the open multi-player beta. It seems like it could be quite a bit of fun when I finally get the full game on February 22.

There was one other purchase that I made, and that was the add-on content for Castle Crashers. they just released the Pink Knight for it. The Pink Knight fights with a loli-pop. The add-on also adds 5 new weapons, and costs $1.99. It’s only on the PSN store for now, but expect an eventual release on the 360 as well. Proceeds go towards the fight against breast cancer, so go and get your pink knight now!

That’s it for tonight. It’s time to get back to playing through Dead Space 2 for a third time. Zealot difficulty is not too bad. Hard Core is going to be a complete and evil bitch though. If you don’t know already, Hard Core mode cannot be used in New Game + mode (so you can’t load your saved data from when you last completed the game), there are no checkpoints (so you start from your last save point) and you can only save the game 3 times total during the play through. This will take patience and some long gaming sessions to do, but it’ll be awesome nonetheless.


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