Gaming Seassion with Matt and Magic + Purchases for Saturday, February 5, 2011: Kung-Fu Live and Eye Create (PSN)

This is a little bit late, but I felt that I should make a post on this.

On the weekend, my friend Magic and I had a bit of a gaming session. For this gaming session we did some preparations. First thing was a second Move and Nav controller so we could play some multiplayer games together, and I also needed a brace for my PS Eye. After stopping to get these items, we hit a burrito place, and then a grocery store. We were pretty much set.

We got back to my place and began playing some games. Dead Space Extraction was on my list of games I wanted to play, and considering my recent obsession with Dead Space 2, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Too bad the game wasn’t letting us have any fun together. I cannot remember if it’s only the challenge modes that allow two players? Or is there some trick to getting it to work?

With that disappointment behind us, we moved on to some Time Crisis Razing Storm. We played through the game a couple of times, and had missed something about the controls that came in handy when we finally learned it. That thing: how to use the shields. As soon as we learned how to do that, life became awesome. We played some ranked games and had a decent score. Was pretty sweet, actually. This game kept out attention for a while, and then Magic had an idea.

The idea was that we should go and get the gun shell for the Move controller to sit in. There are a couple of good one out there. The Sony brand ones, and the Mad Catz brand. I’ve read some things that said they were decent, so we went looking for them. Unfortunately, GameStop was closed by this time and I wasn’t going to be able to get my discount. We went to Future Shop, then Wal-Mart, then Toys R’ Us, and finally Best Buy. We found a pack of two guns for really cheap ($30), but they were literally a no-name brand. I didn’t trust them, but Magic insisted. We made the purchase.

Wow, these gun shells sucked balls. Having to reach over to the top of the gun to reload was a pain in the ass. Without the gun, I could reach the reload with my thumb. I was the first to strip my gun off of the controller and toss it to the side. Magic did the same after a couple of minutes. They were returned (I think) for a refund.

After we got sick of Time Crisis Razing Storm (which is actually pretty fun) , we switched over to one of the other games that comes on the same disc. It’s called “Deadstorm Pirates”. At first, we loved the game. We played it over and over again on the Very Hard setting. We were going to go for all of the trophies, but after 2 or 3 hours of playing just that game, we got tired of it. There’s no reloading, and there are some team based maneuvers that are prompted on screen for you to do. That was fun in the beginning, but we started to hate it after a while. Overall, the game was good for an evening of shooting the shit out of skeleton pirates and other various creatures, but it’s not really something meant for the long haul. We still managed to get a lot of the trophies though.

We got a chance to play a little bit of Time Crisis 4, as well. That game ended up being our favourite out of the 3 games, but by this time Magic was beginning to crash and we felt we needed to change things up. Off to the PSN store I went!

Kung-Fu Live was there and it was $12 after a discount for being a PSN Plus member ($15 before discount). It ends up it’s actually got a lot of potential, but I really need to get something to cover my background and maybe get more lighting in my living room. The PS Eye had a lot of trouble getting a good shot of me. That and I need more room! Anyway, we took turns beating up guys in my living room. It was actually really cool and funny watching myself and Magic on screen beating up thugs. Interesting concept.

I also got the Eye Create for free. Haven’t used it yet.

After Kung-Fu Live, Magic was burnt out. Too many Red Bulls. Tsk Tsk. It was a solid gaming session, and hopefully we’ll have another one in the near future.


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