Purchases for Thursday, January 13, 2011: Auditorium HD (PSN), Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PS3) and PS Move.

Yesterday I decided to finally pick up the Move accessories for the Playsation 3, and with it I decided to go with Time Crisis Razing Storm. Also, I downloaded Auditorium HD from the PSN.

I’ve played the Arcade Mode so far in Time Crisis Razing Storm, and it’s pretty fun. It’ll be even better with a second player. Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates haven’t been touched yet, but I’ll get around to it. I’ll be trying out the story mode next.

Auditorium HD is an interesting puzzle game involving a stream of particles that you use to create sound by channeling them through these bar meters. Each meter has a colour, so you have to guide the particles through these colour coded circles first, in some instances, by using these movable arrows. It’s difficult to describe, so just go and check out some of the game’s videos.


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