Splatterhouse (PS3) Review

I’ve played through story mode on “savage” difficulty and played through half of the survival challenges, and I must say that I was surprised. It’s far from perfect though.

What was done well and what did I like? Gore and Dismemberment, Combat, Story, Unlockable Content, Music

Gore, dismemberment, and combat all go hand-in-hand. The fact that you can rip an enemy’s arm off and beat other enemies to death with it (once you unlock that move), is awesome. There are also splatter kills, in which when the enemy is red, you can do a special grab move that executes a fatality move. When you use the splatter kill, you get more blood for use when you upgrade tour character and buy new moves. You can use the mask as well to change into a huge razorback demon and ruin anything in your path. Using weapons and such can be a lot of fun too. Slicing enemies up, smacking them with a twp-by-four, or shooting them with a shotgun are all satisfying experiences. This is the kind of game you come home from a bad day of work and play to relieve some stress. The controls do hinder the game slightly, since they are a tiny bit sloppy, but once you get used to it, it’s fine.

The story is straight forward, but is entertaining. It’s a typical damsel in distress type of story. Jenny is kidnapped by an evil doctor of necrobiology and Rick is left for dead; However, Rick is united with the “Terror Mask” and it talks to him. Eventually, Rick is talked into putting the mask on, and in doing so becomes a huge juggernaut, ready to destroy all in his way. As you make your way through the game, you learn of why Jennifer was kidnapped and so on. I enjoyed it, but it’s not really THAT special. It more so just holds true to the original game’s story.

The game is filled with unlockable content, but I am referring more so to the fact that you can unlock the original three Splatterhouse games when you play through the story mode. Also, as you play either the challenges or the story mode, you collect pieces of pictures. These pictures are of Jenny. Some pictures are revealing. All I have to say.

This is just a note that I enjoy metal a lot, and the music in this game is great. A few of my favourite metal bands are present and it definitely gets me pumped while I’m tearing a group of enemies apart. Some people don’t really appreciate this genre of music, so this really only applies to fellow metal heads.

What could be better and what didn’t I like? Controls, Camera Angles, Glitches, Some Enemies in Challenge Mode, Load Times

Splatterhouse is slightly marred by sluggish controls. It takes a while to get used to it, but it’s still playable. A few tweaks are needed. It’s frustrating when you go to run and jump and you just run off the edge because the controls didn’t detect that you pushed the jump button.

Sometimes the camera will swing around and leave you fighting blind. This is not good, especially when there are a lot of enemies and you have had an arm ripped off. It only happened once in a while, but it was annoying enough to make note.

There are a few issues with the game as far as glitches are concerned. In the side-scrolling portions of the game, when there’s a small ledge to jump, Rick doesn’t seem to do very well. It usually takes about 10 jumps to make it up a small ledge. It was annoying. Then occasionally, when you’re going through an area and you have to fight a bunch of enemies and kill them all to advance, one enemy gets stuck in the wall, or somewhere out of site, and you cannot advance, so you reload the last checkpoint. This is really annoying since it wastes precious time.

During one of the survival challenge levels, the first wave of enemies really pissed me off. They are little Janny look-a-likes and they jump and can rip your arm off, and cause a lot of damage. The only way to heal health is to use a skill to siphon blood from enemies with one of the mask moves, but funny enough you need blood to fill up your mask gauge. At the start of a challenge, you have nothing in your mask gauge. I died the first few times in the first wave of this particular challenge. I was annoyed. They need to balance that out a little bit and some enemies could have been nerfed slightly. You can beat them, but it can be a bitch sometimes.

The last thing I need to bitch about is the load times. They seem to last forever. When you’re in an area that is a bit diffculty, and you die a lot, it takes a ton of time. Sometimes I was loading the game more than playing it. It likely takes an average of 20-30 seconds to load each time you die, load a saved game, and whatnot. Too long.


The game has it’s flaws, and I am sure a lot of people won’t like this game. I enjoyed it a lot, considering I loved the original Splatterhouse for the Turbo Grafx 16. My advice is try it before you buy it, if you are interested. Some players may get bored from the repetitive combat or the small glitches and occasional bad camera angles. Otherwise, people that are fans of insane amounts of gore, metal and the original games will most likely find a source of joy in Splatterhouse.


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