Soldner X-2: Final Prototype Impression

So far, I have only played through the first 4 levels of the game, and got the the boss battle in the 5th level and died. In that time, I have came to the conclusion that this game is pretty sweet.

If you’re worried that it is going to be the same as the first game, don’t. It’s definitely better. Plus, there are a tone of unlockable challenge modes, and I am suspecting more ships. There are 2 ships to start off with, and I am curious to see what else there is. The combat in the game is pretty awesome, with tight enough controls and usually just enough room to make it through the bullet hell of laser fire, missiles and mines that are on screen. Boss battles are challenging, but not frustrating. I can say that I am very happy so far with this game.

Expect a review sometime in the near future. It may take me a while considering all of the game modes you can unlock, as well as all of the other games I have been playing (Scott Pilgrim, Black Ops, need to get back into Vanquish, NBA Jam comes out soon, and NFS: Hot Pursuit is out today).


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