Purchases for November 6, 2010: Fallout Collection (PC) and Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (PC)

When I was at the gym yesterday, I was listening to my MP3 player and decided that it was time that I really needed to get a new pair of ear buds. The ones I had were not work quite right. After I was finished at the gym, I went home, cleaned up, ate and went for a drive over to Future Shop.

After finding a pair of ear buds (cheap ones), I decided to stroll down the PC games isle. I’ve been meaning to pick up both the Fallout Collection (Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics) and Dragon Age:Origins for quite some time.

Purchasing the Fallout Collection was really only so I get Fallout: Tactics, since I had never played it before. I heard it wasn’t really anything too spectacular, as compared to the first two games, but whatever. Three games for $20 is okay with me, and they work (just barely) in Windows 7 running in compatibility mode.

I am currently installing Dragon Age: Origins right now, so I’ll keep you posted on that when I actually do start playing through the game. I have played it before, but now I am seriously considering investing a lot of time into it.


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