Fallout: New Vegas Review

I know I said in an earlier post that I was going to stop playing New Vegas for a while, but I decided to take a different route to the end of the game. Instead of siding with the NCR, I decided to take New Vegas for myself. The ending was actually really satisfying, and I am happy I found a way to finish the game without it crashing or freezing.

What was done well in this game? Exploration and Freedom, Crafting, Impacting the game world with your actions, character building

I’ll start off with what I think is the best part about the game: exploring. The game allows you to do whatever you want and doesn’t tie you down to the main story. There are tons of places to discover, and if you’re really adventurous and like treasure hunting, you may find some very rewarding stuff. There is also quite a few things in the game that pay homage to Fallout 1 and 2. I spent hours and hours just wandering around and had a blast.

Crafting in this game was a bit more in-depth than in Fallout 3. You can find camp sites, crafting and reloading tables all over the place. When you approach one and interact with it, you get a menu of things you can make, and what parts or ingredients that you need. You can make food, stim packs, ammo, tools, repair kits, and all sort of things. If you’re into that kind of thing, then there’s something here for you. I didn’t mess around with it too much, but it was handy on occasion. It would definitely be a lot handier if you were playing through on Hardcore mode.

When you’re doing quests and exploring, the actions you take have consequences for the most part. Helping certain people will make it so other won’t like you, or won’t give you specific quests. Also, some locations might be effected as well, depending on who you side with in the main quest. It can also give you access to different items and weapons. It’s all up to you.

The character building side of things is a lot of fun, as it has been in all of the Fallout games. I made a character with high speech and science skills, and pumped up his charisma and intelligence. I found that strength wasn’t really that important, same with luck. It’s even possible to get through the game without killing anyone, as I saw in some articles online. You’re character can do the opposite as well, and decide to kill everyone in the game, and make him or her just a brutally strong killing machine.

What could be improved? bugs/glitches/stability, dialogue, the game’s engine/graphics, companion AI and other issues

What I have been complaining about almost the entire time is the bugs, glitches, and instability of the game. I had the same problems with Fallout 3 and Oblivion, and then some. It’s like, as time goes on, the games get less and less complete. What is up with that? Though they did release a patch very shortly after release, there is still a lot left to fix. There are some things that you can do to help with the game’s issues, but it’s still not enough. The onus is on the developer. Fix your game!

Dialogue in the game was, for the most part, not overly well done. The voice acting left a lot to be desired. It sometimes just seemed off and without emotion.

They really should have made an entirely different engine for this game to run on. With Fallout 3 and Oblivion there were glitches and bugs and crashes, and I still have problems with those games. That and the graphics do look dated now. I hope that the next installment of the series is set-up on a totally new engine that is optimized for dual and quad core processors, DirectX 11 and the latest hardware, and won’t hang or freeze up when the action picks up. This is likely the primary reason I was not able to do the Battle at Hoover Dam at the end of the game (when siding with the NCR).

Companions are great, but sometimes they are just completely stupid. There is definitely a lot to be desired when your companions get stuck on a rock somewhere and can’t follow you. Also, sometimes when your in a tight spot, you can’t get by them or it takes forever to push them out of the way. I guess I could have made them back up with a command, but I wish they’d just get the hint and move.


The game was a great time, when it worked. I put around 65 hours into it, and still have some things left to do. On top of that, there seems to be a fairly decent modding community, so adding in some additional content may keep the game fresh for a while. If they patch the game, I’ll likely play through it again, or finish off the main quest with the NCR. My advice would be to rent it, if you own a PS3 or a 360, and give it a try. If you want it for PC, I advise that you wait until more patches come out and then you can try it out. It’s not a must buy right now, but it will be when or if it gets fixed.


2 Responses to “Fallout: New Vegas Review”

  1. I disagree with certain points of your review.

    First i think the voice acting took a huge step forward in this fallout release. I do not believe it to be to the level of bioware voice acting, but it likely halfed the gap between fallout 3’s voice acting and that of … say mass effect.

    Second, glitches have hardly effected jerva’s or my game. In 58 hours i have had 2 crashes and once my companions went into “wait here” instead of following me through a zone.

    The last counter point I wish to make is revamping the engine. Fallout has a unique ability at the moment to run on low end machines (i mean really dated ones) decently. I for one dont care that i dont have 32 full rendered shadows and massive amounts of partical effects. I do like that i can increase the view distances on any objects i want, something much more useful.

    All in all I believe the game is a very worth while game

  2. Though I appreciate the comment, I have to counter some of your counter-points.

    Similar to Oblivion, some people have more issues than others based on the hardware they are running. I had the same issue with Oblivion and both Fallout games in that when I would play, and the games would freeze up all the time. I’ve read a bit on it, and it is due to the fact that the engine in the game is essentially broken. A lot of people had issues with freezes, crashes, and whatnot. The game should work properly for all users, and not just a few.

    I don’t doubt that you made it through the game without many issues, but the stuff I have seen during my play-through must have been different or else I wouldn’t have written it in my review. For example, I have not been able finish the game pro-NCR. Every time I start the battle at Hoover Dam, the game locks up and crashes after a few minutes of combat.

    In my opinion, Jerva and you got lucky. It’s good to know that you didn’t have many issues. I, on the other hand, almost couldn’t finish the game. I had to go back to a different set of saved games and finish the game a different way. This could not be over-looked when I wrote the review, otherwise it wouldn’t be a proper review

    I agree that the game is very worth while, but at the time of my review, I could not fully recommend the game due to the problems I had.

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