Okay, I May Have a Addiction Problem with Fallout: New Vegas.

Alright, so I am pretty sure I mentioned that I keep losing a lot of time to New Vegas, and that has not changed. Well, actually it has; it’s been getting worse.

I have logged over 50 hours according to Steam. And that has been acquired between last Tuesday and now. Even with all of the glitches and bugs that the game has, and some of the issues I’ve had with certain quests, I cannot bring myself to stop playing. I just find more to do! The game has so much to do, that even when I have a problem with something, I just move on and do something else. ARGH!

Fallout 3 wasn’t this bad. I only invested 36 hours in it in a week and I had completely finished the original play through and maxed my character. Done and done. Yeah, not this time. I am level 29 right now, out of a max of 30. There are other options still for improving your character beyond this. Like implants that you can buy at the New Vegas Medical Center (just west of The Strip and Freeside), and when you kill enough enemies you can earn perks that increase how much damage you do to certain ones (mutated animals, abominations, etc). There are also some mods that have been released, and I will be doing some research on that soon. Expect a separate posting for that.

New Vegas reminds me a lot of the original game, and it is a fun time. I’ve met up with the Brotherhood of Steel and become a member (so now I strut around in my power armour) and I’ve destroyed Caesar’s Legion with Holy Frag Grenades (does anyone want to know where I found them? :P). I’ve traveled all over the place, finding secrets and killing everything from Death Claws, to random bands of Fiends. Had serious run ins with radiation, and found a lot of sweet weapons. The Brotherhood even gave me a nice place to stay, with it’s own reloading bench and work bench.

I am close to finishing the main quest, so expect a full review this week sometime.


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