Purchase for October 26, 2010: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (PS3)

Alright, so I purchased the add-on pack yesterday, and finally had a chance to play today. This add-on was definitely worth the $9.99.


Once you get used to the menus and figure out how to invite friends and whatnot, it’s a blast. You get different templates of weapons to choose from at the start and then you begin the level with however many people. I played through 16 waves with 4 strangers to start with, and that got pretty intense. Then played a few sessions with a friend of mine from the avpsource forums.

During a game, if you die, you are on the ground bleeding and a friend can come and revive you. If they can’t get to you, you do bleed out, but if they happen to finish the wave off then you can continue you. There are also different bonuses during the game that can upgrade your shots to phosphorous bullets, so it sets the undead on fire when you shoot them for example. Also, random new weapons spawn as well during a round, so you can go and grab them if you like. You can also open coffins and other such things to find ammo or dynamite and whatnot.

The zombies come in a variety. There are the ordinary shamblers, the venom spitters, the runners, and then there are the fatties that knock you down. Sort of similar to Left 4 Dead that way. Shooting the zombies in the head is the most effective, obviously. It can sometimes take a ton of shots to kill one with body hits.

It’s a lot of fun multi-player, but I haven’t tried out the single-player stuff yet. Expect an update tomorrow on the single-player porton of this add-on.

Update: October 29, 2010 @ 11:23 a.m.: Alright, so I did get a chance to play the single-player game a bit.

You start the game off with Marston at home with his family. They are awakened in the night when their “Uncle” comes into the bed room and tries to eat them. Marston’s wife and son are infected, so he hog ties them and goes for help. The journey begins into…THE UNDEAD NIGHTMARE! MUHAHAHAH!

Okay, anyway, the single-player game is a lot of fun. It doesn’t really take itself seriously. It seems like a b-movie to me. Some funny stuff in the first 45 minutes or so that I have played so far. The game is a series of rescue missions and killing zombies as you try to find a cure.

As I said, I only played a little bit so far, so I can’t make a complete review of the game. It seems like it has a lot of content for just $9.99. So if you liked Red Dead Redemption and you like zombies, it’s a win win.

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