Achievements and Trophies. Are People Still Gaming For Fun?

Over the past few years, achievements and trophies have been introduced into the gaming community on the Playstation Network, Steam, and X-Box Live Arcade. I’ve noticed a few people that play all of these absolutely horrible games just to get the achievements or trophies (I am going to refer to these in short form – “A or T”). It’s at this point that I wonder if these people are really enjoying gaming? Or is it just a job now? And how does this effect the community?

It really boils down to the individual. Sure, it’s satisfying to get all of the A or T in a game, but did you enjoy playing the game? There have been moments where a friend has asked me to play a game, and my response to that was “Why? It’s such a horrible game”, and then they tell me “Well, it’s easy trophies”. If I don’t enjoy a game, I won’t sit around and continue to play it just for the A or T. I have many games that I can be playing that are much more enjoyable. Hell, I have games that I love and almost have all of the trophies in, but getting those final few achievements will mean grinding the game for a few hours, and I get bored of that. It is no longer fun for me. For example, finding all of the shards in Infamous. I really can’t find them and I’ve searched for a long time. I think there are 3 left and I have no interest in finding them. It’s no longer fun, so I play something else that is. I’ve finished that game twice through, and only have that trophy, and I need the final evil power. That would platinum the game for me.

There are people out there that play games and get every A or T in all the games they play, and sometimes buy or rent crappy games (knowingly) just to get the A or T. This really bothers me a lot. The biggest reason being that when a developer makes a game that is shit and wants some quick cash, they can rely on these individuals that want A or T to buy their games. All they need to do is make it easy to obtain the achievements and there you have it. It encourages developers to make a quick, easy to make, pile of shit game. I know this isn’t true for most developers, but there are some shitty ones out there looking for a quick easy buck.

It’s just something I’ve been dwelling on for the past little while. As I said, I do like trophies. I guess I just don’t like what they do to some people, and it could possibly encourage shitty development and a reduction in quality of game releases. There’ll always be bad games, but I just don’t want there to be more than there needs to be. As far as the addiction and competitive side of this is concerned, that has nothing to do with the games. It’s a person’s personality that is the problem there. People will do what they do, but I hope that they don’t forget that they are playing a game, and that it should be fun, and not just work.

Updated November 6, 2010 @ 8:46 pm:
Here‘s an example of insanity.


2 Responses to “Achievements and Trophies. Are People Still Gaming For Fun?”

  1. While the idea of being rewarded for doing something special in a game is obviously great — the execution of this has so many flaws! Sometimes achievements are way too easy or else way too hard to be realistic rewards. Second, they motivate people to do insane things — like when I did the Endless Setlist 2 w/ the Bladder of Steel award in Rock Band 2 which took almost 7 hours of straight gaming without any breaks. Finally, there are people who become Achievement Addicts like you pointed out in the post. One of my friends has a gamerscore of 78,000 and, while he still enjoys gaming, he really obsesses about achievements!

  2. For womens’s high scores, the 5th place holder just reached 200,000. Ugh. There’s an article about it on Kotaku. I’ll add it to my post.

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