Review: Enslaved: Oddyssey to the West (PS3)

Well, I picked this game up on Tuesday as I mentioned earlier in the week, and little did I realize that this game would take my attention the way it did. Some minor polish issues aside, this game is pretty damn good.

The things that I enjoyed: The environments, story, and the characters.

The environments you’ll be passing through in this game can be quite impressive. Nice views of a ruined city from a high up place, looking into the distance, as smoke rolls up and into the sky from the crash site of the slaver ship are great. It all looks like you could actually go there if you wanted to (the crash site, yes, but otherwise, it’s all for show).

The story in this game is pretty decent. I don’t want to go into details, but the ending is not what I expected. Essentially, machines have taken over and have taken the human race as slaves. Trip(the female character) breaks free of her slave container on the slave ship, and sabotages the ship. This allows Monkey (you’re character) to get free as well. Trip escapes via an escape pod, with monkey hanging on to it from the outside. They crash land, Monkey goes unconscious and wakes up with a slave head band on that Trip custom programed. Now Monkey has to help Trip get home. If she dies, or gets too far away, the headband will kill Monkey. As you progress through the story, you also meet up with another character named Pigsy. There are a few funny moments along the journey as well. Definitely worth playing through if you enjoy sci-fi.

The characters are great. I enjoyed them quite a bit. The relationship between Monkey and Trip as they become fonder of each other along the way, and Pigsy is there to add a bit of comic relief when you finally meet him. They all show great emotion throughout the journey, and it kind of allows you to feel closer to them. Some may find Monkey ugly, Trip annoying, and Pigsy to be…a little weird, but I think it all works well.

The things that I feel could have been better
: more polish, controls, combat, strange camera angles on occasion.

Even though I mentioned before that the environments looked great and whatnot, there are still a few things that could have been better. Through out the game, I noticed little things. Like when Monkey lifts up an object, it sometimes appeared that the objects were not in his hands, or surfaces not rendering properly, or objects would clip in and out during a cut scene. It just left it with a feeling of being unfinished. Unpolished. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a distraction.

Controls were alright for the most part, but sometimes they were a pain in the ass. The time between the button push and the on-screen reaction of Monkey were sometimes a bit too long, or I wouldn’t be in the exact right spot and my character wouldn’t jump where I waned, or I would be standing on a ledge with Trip hanging on for her life, and it wouldn’t grab her because I was not in the exact right spot. It was just kind of annoying sometimes. For the most part, it was fine, but it happened often enough to make a note of it.

Combat is very simple, and doesn’t have much depth. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can get boring if you crave something more than just button mashing. Monkey can be upgraded through the collect tech orbs in the game. You can upgrade health, shields, combat moves and your staff. It’s fairly straight forward stuff, but I thought I should add that in. This stuff can help out a bit (more so the combat moves you can buy or upgrade). I just kind of felt myself wanting a bit more from it. I still enjoyed it, otherwise I likely wouldn’t have finished the game so quickly.

On occasion, there were some poor camera angles that would make it impossible to see where my enemies were during a fight. It never led to any huge problems, but sometimes it just made fighting awkward. Not much else to say about that.

Was there anything frustrating?

I played through the game on hard difficulty and there was a couple of spots where I would have to fight a lot of mechs at once. They killed me a few times without remorse and I found myself a bit pissed off during two or three of those encounters, but for the most part, I was happy while playing the game. It wasn’t really that much of a challenge to finish the game.

The game is a great game if you’re looking for a non-sequel, sci-fi game with a decent story. I made this purchase and have no regrets. Good game for a weekend rental, or purchase.


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