Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (PSN) single-player complete. Awesome game.

Last night I finished the game in single-player, and I found it very satisfying. I am looking forward to playing through it with a friend at some point.

The game reminds me of Diablo in a way, but a lot simpler as far as item management and inventory are concerned and even the story in a small way.

The story in the game is very straight forward. You are searching this lost temple, and find the Mirror of Smoke. The legend says there’s a big bad demon named Xolotl locked up inside. Bad guys come, and release Xolotl. Xolotl kills them all and runs off to destroy the world. Totec is the guardian of light, and when the demon is released, Totec comes back to life(he is a statue in the room) to prevent the demon from ending the world and you decide to help. Mind you, in the single-player game, you only see him in cut scenes. The game has you chasing after Xolotl through old ruins, caverns, swamps and what have you, fighting his minions and avoiding traps. You must find him before day light, or all is lost. *gasp*

As you make your way through the game, you find artifacts, health and ammo power-ups and weapons. You can equip artifacts to gain bonuses. You have a health meter, and an ammo meter. You start the game with two weapons, your dual pistols and a spear. They both have infinite ammo. The spear can by thrown at walls to create a way to climb up them, but you can only use three at any one time. Any other weapons that you get along the way use your ammo bar (like spells in Diablo would use mana). The weapons have basic statistics. Power, Rate of Fire, and Ammo Usage. Very straight forward. You also have another meter that fills up as you defeat enemies. As long as you don’t get hit or hurt, this bar will keep filling up until it’s full. When it’s full, you gain special abilities from whatever artifact you may have equiped, such as an enhancement to your attack power, or you may get health regeneration, etc.

Controls are very easy and respond well for the most part. Combat is very simple. Hold the right analog stick in the direction you want to shoot, and hold R2 to fire. Easy enough. You also get an infinite amount of remote bombs to use. Some enemies cannot be kills with just bullets. You must use explosives to keep them down for good. Boss fights are fun, and require both combat skills and use of the environment., so they are somewhat more challenging than a typical enemy, but not frustrating. Occasionally, it’s hard to make jumps or avoid traps. When you hit jump while swinging from your grapple hook, sometimes you don’t jump the way you want to, or you just let go of the rope. It can be annoying sometimes, but when you die you lose some points and respawn almost in the exact place you died. No big deal.

Puzzles in this game were pretty easy. Not a lot of huge challenges. The optional objectives that you can complete for new weapons and artifacts however, are a bit more challenging sometimes. Some give you a time limit to finish the level, and others give you a time limit to finish a certain task, or reach a certain spot in the level. Others require you to find 10 red skulls, or destroy certain objects in the environment. This gives the game a lot more depth, and will have you replaying the levels a bit to get all of the items. There is also a reward for scoring the high score, and the overall accumulated points in all of the levels combined gives you new costumes to wear as well.

Overall:The game is a great purchase. Only $15, and no need to leave the house. Try out the trial version, and see for yourself.

I still have to complete all of the different level objectives and play co-op. I will add to this when I get a chance.


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