Brutal Legend Initial Impressions

Today I had a chance to finally play Brutal Legend. I am a fan of Jack Black’s humour, as well as a fan of metal, so this game seemed like a game that I may thoroughly enjoy. With today’s experience, I deem this to be true. I do enjoy this game. Quite a bit.

As the title states, this is only an initial impression. It’s my first time playing the game (other than the demo), and I got about an hour of play time in.

Even though it was only an hour of play, I got a fairly good grasp on what the game is about and on the control scheme and how the play mechanics of the game work. As a lot of reviews have said, this game introduces quite a few different elements that work together as a hybrid. For the most part, so far, it is a hack and slash, but it does have some squad based action as well, and some real time strategy elements that are likely to be more dominant later in the game. I look forward to seeing how this all works out.

It does have a bit of humour, especially if you like Jack Black and are a metal head. There are scenes of blood and gore, there are head bangers that beat the shit out of stuff with their head, and your character seems to be able to build anything out of everything around him. The game was made with humour and laughs in mind. I’ve had a few good laughs so far, and look forward to more as I play.

Overall, the game is really fun so far. I look forward to spending more time with it. I also cannot wait to try out the multiplayer aspect of the game. Rock on!


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