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What’s Up.

Posted in Currently Playing, What's Up. on April 13, 2010 by Matt

Well, I am finally quitting my horrible job and focusing on my new career as a personal trainer. I got my hands on some money and now have a good buffer. I will be moving in May, hopefully, which will give me access to some broadband internet. Soon I will be able to play some online multiplayer and give some fuller reviews of the games that I’ve been playing.

As far as playing games is concerned, I have been playing a lot of Infinite Space (about 16 hours in), but otherwise not much else. I have enough money to invest in some more PC components, so expect to hear about a new nVidia 480, a new case and a new power supply. With this, hopefully I will be alright and won’t have to buy anymore PCs for another 3 years.

Anyway, that’s all I have. There was some news articles that I was reading over the past few days that I will post tomorrow.

I Am Not Impressed With Nintendo.

Posted in Currently Playing, News, Rants on April 6, 2010 by Matt

People have been wondering whether or not they would be able to transfer or re-download DSiWare purchases if they were to get the new DSi XL. Well, here is your answer.

With the way the Playstation Network and XBox Live work, you’d think that Nintendo would maybe consider this a bit more. Why would they expect anyone to buy their new hand held system when they can’t transfer any of their DLC to it and would have to repurchase it? This is outrageous, and is something that maybe EA or Ubisoft might do. Not Nintendo. Come on Nintendo, what the fuck are you doing?

I am glad that I didn’t get a Nintendo DSi. I will likely go for the Nintendo DSi XL, but not for a long while. I am still rollin’ with the original DS model. Mind you, if Nintendo doesn’t clean up their act with this DRM bullshit, I will likely reconsider making future investments.

On another note, non-DRM related, I have been playing a lot of Infinite Space. In fact, I am sure it might be classified as a slight addiction. I’ve invested 9 hours into it so far. When I pick it up, I tend to ignore clocks and stop paying attention to whether it’s day or night. Time flies by. This is not good, considering I should be spending time getting ready for my new job. At this rate, I will likely have it finished in a week or two. I don’t plan to totally abandon Prinny or Brutal Legend, but then again I didn’t plan to play Infinite Space so damn much.

Brutal Legend Initial Impressions

Posted in Initial Impressions on April 4, 2010 by Matt

Today I had a chance to finally play Brutal Legend. I am a fan of Jack Black’s humour, as well as a fan of metal, so this game seemed like a game that I may thoroughly enjoy. With today’s experience, I deem this to be true. I do enjoy this game. Quite a bit.

As the title states, this is only an initial impression. It’s my first time playing the game (other than the demo), and I got about an hour of play time in.

Even though it was only an hour of play, I got a fairly good grasp on what the game is about and on the control scheme and how the play mechanics of the game work. As a lot of reviews have said, this game introduces quite a few different elements that work together as a hybrid. For the most part, so far, it is a hack and slash, but it does have some squad based action as well, and some real time strategy elements that are likely to be more dominant later in the game. I look forward to seeing how this all works out.

It does have a bit of humour, especially if you like Jack Black and are a metal head. There are scenes of blood and gore, there are head bangers that beat the shit out of stuff with their head, and your character seems to be able to build anything out of everything around him. The game was made with humour and laughs in mind. I’ve had a few good laughs so far, and look forward to more as I play.

Overall, the game is really fun so far. I look forward to spending more time with it. I also cannot wait to try out the multiplayer aspect of the game. Rock on!

My PC Died. Time For Some New Hardware.

Posted in What's Up. on April 1, 2010 by Matt

Alright, so I have been using my laptop the last few days. It’s a piece of shit, but it is good enough to browse the internet. The PC I was using just decided to die on me. I have a suspicion that it was my motherboard or my CPU, due to overclocking and extended hours of use.

I did the only thing I could to figure out what the problem was, and that was to take out each component, one at a time, and test it in my other PC (which I am now using). I did this all morning, and even took out the power supply and used another to see if it would boot the broken PC. Nope. Nothing. The video card, RAM, sound card, modem, and power supply all seem to be fine. Only two things left are my motherboard and CPU. Naturally, I looked at this as an opportunity to buy new shit.

Today, I did some quick research and found a suitable replacement for my old shit. I decided to go with the following: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard, Intel Core i7 920 Quad Core Processor,Corsair XMS3 TR3X6G1600C8 (3x2GB DDR3-1600) 8-8-8-24. This should be suitable enough for my needs. I am speculating getting a better power supply as well. Possibly something around 800W. We’ll see how this works on my 650W first.

I am very excited to get this new hardware setup and ready to rock. I should definitely see a huge boost in performance. I don’t think I’ll be overclocking this stuff anytime soon though. Just to be safe.

I should have this all by next week sometime. Expect a post once I receive it and have it set up.

Gaming Session With Jamie And Noodle

Posted in Gaming Sessions on April 1, 2010 by Matt

Last night I had a gaming session with a couple of buddies from work. I took the usual stuff over to Jamie’s place: my 24″ Samsung T240HD Monitor and my Playstation 3 with an assortment of games. The games I took over were: Modern Warfare 2, Aliens vs. Predator, BlazBlue, Soul Calibur 4, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Brutal Legend and God of War 3.

We started off with some light gaming. I showed the guys some Aliens vs. Predator, since they were curious to see what it was like. I talked a lot about it at work, thus their curiosity. We didn’t play that for long.

Next up, we tried out some Soul Calibur 4. I haven’t even really touched this game since I purchased it from Laynix’s cousin. I am a huge fan of the original and the second game, but I never got really into the third or fourth games in the series. It showed. I was getting my ass kicked for the first few rounds. Noodle claims he doesn’t play…but he certainly knows how to button mash. We played this for about twenty rounds and quit. Jamie isn’t a big fighting game fan.

I believe it was at this point that we watched the first episode of The Tester. If I haven’t mentioned it before, this show is really awful, but so awful is it that it shines bright. Damn reality television. I stopped the madness with one episode. I didn’t bother turning on the next one, as we’d likely have watched them all.

BlazBlue was next. As I mentioned, Jamie isn’t a huge fighting game fan, so the time spent with it was limited. I haven’t played it in a while, and again was showing poor skill. I was sad. Oh well.

We switched to God of War 3, since Jamie was curious and Noodle loves it. I switched it onto normal difficulty for them and we played for a very short period of time. Pizza was on our brains.

We went and got pizza and ate for a bit. Watched Religulous and I fell asleep(!). I was awakened and told I was snoring.

Once I was awake, it was time for some Modern Warfare 2. We popped it in and played some Team Death Match and some Free-For-All. It was Jamie and Noodle vs. me, and I lost the first round, and came very close the second time around. We switched to free-for-all after two rounds and I started getting more familiar with the maps. I haven’t played Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer at all, other than Spec Ops, so it was a learning experience for me. It was quite a bit of fun, but Jamie was burnt out and had to work a day shift the next morning. Noodle and I switched to Spec Ops and did some sniping for a few rounds. We beat one mission on Veteran and then we quit.

The other games didn’t get touched, as we had to pack up and leave when finished Modern Warfare 2. It was a decent night, but it would have been better if none of us had to work that day or the next. Expect a better gaming session in the future with possibly more people.