Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)

I just finished Modern Warfare 2’s single player campaign on Hardened. I have to say, I am satisfied. I had lost interest during the middle of the game, but came back to it without regret. Here are my thoughts.

Graphics: The visuals in Modern Warfare 2 are some of the best out there. I really haven’t found anything wrong with them, other than you can tell that it’s been limited slightly by the Playstation 3’s hardware (I have played it for the 360, and it looks like it’s limited as well). I am betting that if I had a chance to play it on PC, it’d look even better. Too bad they never released the dedicated servers (that I am aware of).

Sound: The voice acting is done really well, and everything is in sync with what is happening on screen. All the gunfire and explosions sound great. No complaints.

Controls: Controls make sense and are very easy to use. Again, no complaints here. Everything responds accordingly.

Story: The story line is actually not too shabby. It got rather boring near the middle of the game, and I lost interest and started playing other games. Thus, why it took me so long to finally finish this game. It runs along the line of a typical war movie. Things are slowly going to hell, and this game definitely gets there. The modern world is turned to a complete warzone. The story is filled with familiar faces, victory, and betrayals. It’s decent, in my opinion, but still fairly typical. Most people don’t play this game for the single player campaign anyway.

Difficulty: Well, if you don’t mind dying a lot, then it’s fine. There were some spots where it would save a checkpoint right as I was dying and that sucked, but I got through it. I played it on Hardened, and I think I may save myself some grief and not play it through on Veteran. Mind you, if I ever get mored and want to smash a controller, I might. Basically, you die a lot faster with each notch that you up the difficulty.

Innovation: Other than the special ops being pretty cool, and some new multiplayer elements (that I haven’t tried and can’t really make a comment on), the play mechanics are still very basic. Nothing overly new, but improved on stuff that we’ve already seen. A lot.

Replay: With the special ops play mode and multiplayer aspects of the game, there’s really enough replayabilty to keep you going for quite a while. There are also trophies to get, if you’re a trophy hunter.

Overall, the game is good. I enjoyed it for the most part. Even though it doesn’t really give you a lot of new gameplay elements, it still improved on the original game. If you played the first Modern Warfare, and loved it, don’t hesitate to buy this one.

Yes, I know that this is late and everyone already has it. Fuck off.


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