Finished The Predator Campaign Last Night (Early This Morning), And Am Now Playing Through The Alien Campaign On Nightmare Difficulty.

As the title of this post says, I finished the predator campaign (on normal) and am now moving through the alien campaign (on nightmare).

The predator campaign was fun, but seemed shorter than the marine’s campaign. This could be attributed to the fact that I played through on normal difficulty, but I have heard that it is shorter from other people. However, the end fight is a lot tougher than the marine’s end battle. I won’t say anymore about it, and save the spoilers.

The alien campaign is quite a bit different than the other two campaigns.

As the alien, you don’t have any ranged weapons (obviously), so you have to be a bit more strategic with how you approach enemies. Running in to a group of marines is suicide. They will mow you down before you can even hit them, most of the time. Luring them off, one at a time, is how to do it. Knock out lights, hiss, lure poor bastard in, kill, repeat.

Nightmare difficulty is definitely harder than normal or hard. The thing that makes it a nightmare is the fact that you don’t get checkpoint saves. You have to make it through each level without dying. This is brutal when you make it really far and then die and have to restart the entire level. I am not a big fan of this, as it really is just frustrating sometimes.

I am currently on the jungle level in the campaign, and I am having fun as an alien, for sure. If it wasn’t for the nightmare difficulty, I likely would have been done it by now. Stalking marines and colonists is a blast, and this is my favourite campaign so far. More on this when I am finished.

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