Progress In The Aliens vs. Predator Single Player Campaigns

As mentioned in my last post, I finished the marine campaign on hard. I had already started the Predator campaign on normal, but didn’t get too far. I played it quite a bit more today though. I’ll start with talk of how the marine campaign went, and then talk a bit about my experiences with the predator.

The marine campaign is fairly straight forward. You land and find yourself in an infested colony. Shit hits the fan, and you’re on your own with radio contact with friendlies. You’re given objectives and as you move through the game, you figure out what has been happening on the planet you’re on. It has a simple, and expected story line. Just an excuse to blast some aliens.

During your adventure, you run across 4 different weapons, with your pistol with unlimited ammo being your last resort. The four weapons you will pick up are the pulse rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle and the smart gun. The pulse rifle is the weapon everyone knows and loves. Standard issue for marines, it’s an assault rifle with an accessory grenade launcher. The shotgun is what it is. Get close and blow those aliens apart. The sniper rifle has it’s scope, but is more than just a zoom in. The scope can sense living creatures and outlines them nicely for you to better blow their brains out. The smart gun is a big machine gun that takes up all of your carrying capacity. It automatically seeks out targets in front of you.

I played through the marine campaign on hard, and I would say that it was what I would expect a game to be on normal difficulty. There are some spots in the game where, if the difficulty was harder, I’d likely have destroyed my keyboard (praetorians are bitches). It had some tense moments, but it wasn’t too difficult.

You run into quite a few enemies during the game. There are the typical warrior/drone aliens, the spitter aliens that are quicker than the others and spit acid at you from a distance, praetorians that are large, fast and powerful (essentially one step down from queens), and then there’s the queen. There are also androids that you must fight, which can be tough. There is also a predator during the campaign.

The best weapon for killing ordinary aliens is a shotgun up close, but that might just be my preference. The warrior/drone aliens, and spitters go down quick with shotguns, but if you see the aliens before they move in on you, use your sniper rifle to kill them in one hit. The smart gun is limited in the game, but it’s effective. Just be careful using it, because it has a longer reload time and you can be left vulnerable to attack. That and you cannot run while carrying it. The praetorian is tough, but the shotgun is the most effective because it can stun her. Otherwise, spam them with pule rifle grenades or use explosive canisters that may be near by. Run around objects and keep distance or something between you. She’ll tear you to pieces if she gets close enough. The gueen is a special scenario, so I won’t comment. Androids need to be shot in the head and limbs. Use a sniper rifle and get them from far away if you can, otherwise use a shotgun and blow them apart as best you can. If you use the pulse rifle, you’ll use up a lot of ammo. The predator should go down quick with use of a sniper rifle. Don’t let it heal.

As I mentioned, I played some more of the Predator campaign. It’s fairly easy so far, considering I am playing on normal.

For one thing, I don’t know why I chose to play through the predator’s game on normal difficulty. I should have chosen nightmare, because it is very easy on normal.

I just finished battling the Praetorian in the arena area of the ruins, and picked up the combi-stick.

The predator is fairly well done. There are a few things that you have to think about during game play with the predator, such as switching vision modes to see the different enemies, cloaking, and using proper weapons.

You don’t obtain the vision mode to see Xenomorphs until just before the ruins level in single player. It helps a lot in the caves and darker areas where you may not see them as well. When you play as a predator, the horror aspect of the game is gone. I mean…what is the predator afraid of? Nothing.

Cloaking is very important, and I sometimes forget to do it. Even on normal, a bunch of marines will mow you down with gun fire in no time if you’re not careful. Be sure to keep it on until the time is right to strike your enemies.

Now, weapons in the game are fairly limited. You only get four different weapons in the predator campaign: plasma caster(shoulder cannon), mines, disc and the combi-stick. The plasma caster is the predator’s most well-known weapon and is also the best in my opinion. The mines take energy to use like the plasma caster, and can be effective. They act as proximity mines. The disc is thrown, and once thrown you can use your laser dots to guide it to different targets. It takes some gettings used to, but it can be good. The combi-stick acts as a thrown spear weapon, and is powerful, but I wish I could stab shit with it. Oh well. You get these weapons on top of your melee claws. The melee claws are the weapon I use the most.

All weapons, except for the mines, uncloak you, so be smart about when you are using them. Marines CAN spot you during your cloaked periods if you get within a few meters, so be careful. Aliens can always spot you, so cloaking around them is pretty well pointless.

Anyway, that’s about all for today. I’ll be finishing up the predator campaign tonight after work. Tomorrow I plan on starting the Alien campaign. I will likely play it through on nightmare. Expect another post tomorrow.

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