Gamer Eating Habits And Nutrition

I’ve noticed that, while gaming, my diet tends to change fairly drastically. On the average day, I tend to eat 4-6 times, and for the most part those meals are smaller. This usually encompasses rather healthy choices, and is usually purchased at a grocery store. I also try to work out on a regular basis, so my metabolism is generally a bit higher. When I am gaming, I either eat a lot more or a lot less. It depends on weather I am totally engrossed in the game, or if it’s with a group of people and we’re having a gaming session.

When I am playing a single player game, I tend to eat a lot less due to the fact that I lose track of time. If it’s multiplayer, I tend to eat a lot more since I am not at home and it’s more like a party. We’re all sitting around talking during the game and all decide that something to eat sounds good.

During single player, the choices of food are limited to what I have at home, since that is where I usually am when I play by myself. This is generally not a big deal, and I tend to eat healthier choices when at home. No big deal. No problems here, usually.

This all changes when I go over to a friend’s place to play with a group of people or game online (since I am not at home when I play online). Ordering in pizza, or taking a quick trip to the pizza or sub shop is fairly typical during these occasions. I try to think about eating something a bit more nutritious, but it rarely seems to matter. It comes down to what is quicker and easier to pick up. Even if we do end up going to a grocery store, the deli counter will have wings or something else equally delicious.

I am merely making an observation here. I have some gas and bloating from last night’s poor food choices. I was at Laynix’s place, playing Aliens vs. Predator online with a bunch of people last night, thus why I brought this topic up. I made a few poor decisions and am suffering the smelly consequences today.

I am going to make an effort today to break this poor eating habit. I am going to go to the grocery store and get some fresh fruits and nuts and whatever else is good to snack on during gaming. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t have the same issue I have today.


2 Responses to “Gamer Eating Habits And Nutrition”

  1. Marden Ribeiro Says:

    Hummm… After reading this article I can totally look at gamers and their eating habits from a different perspective than I previously would. I always saw gamers as people who would give up eating for gaming. An addiction can drastically steer someone’s way of living to the point of feeding that pleasure over obeying the natural human tasks or necessities, for example; playing a bit longer while having “to go” at that same moment. Just holding up to the point in which one cannot handle anylonger and then stopping the game and finally going. I always thought that real gamers were people who lived their lives according to the game they have been playing, as oposed to this guy. He actually cares about what he has been eating, either while playing or not, he watches what he eats. This guy sees life differently than most gamers would. Most gamers care about staying in track and hitting their goals in the game, therefore they just eat anything, whatever is available, quick and easy. They just need to get back to playing. I guess there are gamers that can control the addiction habits or at least feel guilty about their actions. I now think that game addiction can occur depending on the person and their lifestyle.

  2. I wrote this so long ago. Nice to see people are taking something from it.

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