Purchased Aliens vs. Predator on Steam. My Initial Impressions So Far.

I purchased the game last night, and finally got a chance to play it today. It was a 15 GB download, thus the delay between purchasing and actually playing. The game has some issues, but I find it entertaining nonetheless. I’ve only played one online Species Death Match and I’ve completed one level of the marine campaign.

The first complaint I had was the absence of a crouch for the marine. It’s only natural for me to hit control or c to crouch and take cover, or to have a steadier aim. It’s very strange to me. I wonder why they left this out?

Next is that there’s a frame stutter. Occasionally, the game will freeze for a second a couple of times in a row, but will then play fine for a minute or two, and do it again. I had to adjust some settings in the nVidia control panel, and it seemed to help the issue (as far as single player is concerned). I haven’t tried multiplayer again to see if the problem is solved. More on this when I see results.

The AI in the game could use some serious work. I couple of times I found that the aliens in single player would just jump wall to wall in one spot, or just run past me sometimes. It was a bit weird, but whatever. Maybe there was some sort of distortion with the queen’s telepathy with the alien drones? Yeah, I’ll use that as an excuse for now.

I hope they release a patch sometime soon to fix some of the issues. I can see a good game under this, and I still enjoy playing it. I am playing the game on Hard, as I heard that Nightmare might be frustrating. The aliens actually do take quite a few hits to kill, so be warned. It’s not like the original, where you hit them and you get that satisfying crackle and their arms and head fly off. These fuckers are tougher.

That’s all for now. I’ll post again tomorrow after I’ve played more.


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