Aliens vs. Predator Delay

I called GameStop today to see if my copy of Aliens vs. Predator was in and they told me that the XBox 360 and the PC versions were both delayed until tomorrow. The original release date was supposed to be yesterday, and apparently all three versions of the game were delayed for a day (and the new release date was supposed to be today). This is strange, but I am attributing this to a shipping error.

I’m not sure if this is just for GameStop or if it’s for other stores as well. I don’t really care that much, since I can’t go and pick it up until tomorrow anyway.

Hopefully tonight, after work, I’ll ge home and finish my quick play through of BioShock, and maybe get a bit of BioShock 2 in as well. Need to try and get these in before I lose myself in Aliens vs. Predator goodness.

If you’ve read the avp source forums (or have seen any posts on Aliens vs. Predator at all), you may notice people saying that each campaign is pretty short. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless of this, and just play through the single player a few times. Multiplayer is where I will spend a lot of my time anyway. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


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