Superstars V8 Racing, Complete with Plat

I was looking through the list of games at for a quick and easy plat and came across Superstars V8 Racing. It’s based on the 2008 season of the Italian Superstars Championship, which I know nothing about, and was only released in Europe. I looked up the expected time to get the plat, 10-20 hours, and bought a copy on ebay from Britain.

Graphics: I liked the graphics in this game. The cars and the tracks look nice, and the only major complaint I noticed was the darks were a bit too dark, but it didn’t take away from the game at all. There was also a blurriness around the dark parts of the cars sometimes, which was odd. There was damage in the game, but it was limited to one side of the front or back bumper cover coming off, which I thought was a bit odd.

Sound: The game sounded great. No complaints here. One thing I found strange about the sound was a strange noise that I first noticed after slamming into a wall and having my bumper cover come partially off. I thought it was the noise of the bumper cover flapping in the wind, but it was actually a helicopter overhead, as I found out later. I guess it’s just how they film the series, but I thought it was a strange addition to the game. Another nice addition was thunder and lightning when it was raining.

Controls: This game controls just as I would expect from any simulation style racing game. By default it has traction control, stability control, and other settings turned on, and you can turn them off but it makes it a lot harder to control the cars, as one would expect. One addition to this game that a lot of simulation racing games seem to leave out is the ability to power slide around corners, but this is usually not necessary.

Innovation: There’s nothing really new here, other than some tracks that haven’t been in any racing game before.

Difficulty: Overall, this was not a very difficult game at all. If you play racing games, you will have no problem here.

Platinum: I highly recommend this game if you are going for plats. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s fast. Follow the guide at the forums and you won’t have any problems. The only recommendations I have are 1: Use the same car for each training race. And 2: For the championships, set the laps to 2 and try to get first in each qualifier. Getting first will give you three points, and start you at the front so you should be able to stay there for the entire race, and if you fall back you can always restart the race. The only reason to set the laps to 2 instead of 1 are in case you don’t get first in the qualifiers you have a couple of laps to catch up. You also don’t need to get first each race, and you should end up with enough points to come in first overall. The rainy tracks were the hardest, but other than that, this game was a breeze.

Conclusion: If you want a quick and easy plat, get this game. If you like racing games and want a decent play through while you wait like everyone else for Gran Turismo 5, get this game. It’s under $30 on ebay shipped from the UK, and it’s worth it.

This makes plat #12.


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