Review: Darksiders (PS3)

I finally finished Darksiders, and it was definitely worth playing through. Vigil has definitely done a good job of mixing various components of different games together.

Graphics: The graphics in Darksiders are pretty nice. Nice lighting, animations are smooth, bosses are large and imposing as they should be, blood and chopped limbs fly all over the place, flame effects are decent and I just get the feeling that pretty much everything is the way that it should be. Well done.

Sound: The game’s music suits what is happening on screen. The sounds of swords hacking and slashing, voices of characters, monsters growling, and whatever else are all well matched up with the on screen actions. As far as I am concerned, it’s all good.

Controls: Learning curve on the controls doesn’t take long, and the button lay out is fairly standard for this type of game.

Story: You are War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and you find yourself in the midst of the End War on Earth. The Balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth has been broken, and the blame lands on you. The Charred Council, who seem to be in charge of keeping the balance until all sides are ready for the final battle, has seen fit to strip you of your powers. With some talk, War is able to persuade the council to send him back to Earth and seek out those responsible for this mess. The story has some twists, but I won’t spoil it for anyone. I enjoyed the story line quite a bit. It’s nothing all THAT special, but was decent enough to keep my attention for nearly 20 hours.

Innovation: As I have mentioned, the game is a good combination of a few different games. There is a clear resemblance to Zelda and God of War here, as well as Portals. With all of this done so well, there really isn’t anything completely new.

Difficulty: I played through the game on Apocalyptic difficulty, and had very few problems completing it. Funny enough, the first boss, Tiamat, was the hardest. After that, I had no real problems. I actually think that fighting certain ordinary enemies was harder than most of the boss battles. There were only a few spots where I died a few times, but otherwise it wasn’t really hard. Puzzles were occasionally time consuming, but never very difficult. I’d say that this game was pretty easy for being “Apocalyptic”.

Replay: Well, if you haven’t played it through on Apocalyptic, than you should likely do it for the trophy. There are items to be found and certain other trophies to obtain as well, but otherwise, there’s not much replay value.

Overall, I’d say that this game took elements of Zelda, God of War and a few other games, and done a good job of combining them. The only real down falls were that the game isn’t really that difficult, and that there’s no real replay value. It’s a good game to own, but if you’re not looking to collect games, then renting it for a week or two would likely suffice.


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