Madagascar Kartz

The latest platinum for me is Madagascar Kartz. I borrowed this game from my cousin Brock after he got his platinum, and finished it in a couple of days. I’m going to give a bit of a review and use Matt’s formatting as a template.

Graphics: Madagascar Kartz graphics work, but there’s nothing too special here, but also nothing to complain about.

Sound: The sounds are fine, but the character’s sayings get annoying. The most annoying part of this game is the “I like to move it, move it” song that’s also in the movie.

Controls: This game has basically the exact same controls that Mario Kart games have. It’s as if the developers just played a bunch of Mario Kart then decided to make the very same game with Madagascar characters.

Difficulty: This game is very, very easy. It is one of the easiest games on the PS3 to finish and to platinum that I have played yet.

Value: This isn’t a game that I’ll ever play again, but if you are out there to get platinums like me, then it’s an absolute must play. I played it in two sittings, but it could easily be done in one. There wasn’t anything that I had trouble with at all, other than needing a second player to get a few multiplayer trophies. If you can borrow this game, rent it, or pick it up for under $20, it’s worth it.

This makes platinum #10.


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