PixelJunk Shooter, Astro Tripper, and Trash Panic! Purchased. Pixel Junk Shooter Complete.

On December 31, 2009, my friend Kyle and I got together before the end of the year partying began. We had gaming in mind, and I had meant to buy up some games on the Playstation Network. I purchased Astro Tripper, PixelJunk Shooter and Trash Panic!. PixelJunk Shooter happened to be the game we decided to play. And we finished it in the same day.

As I implied above, Kyle and I played through the game together cooperatively. There was no difficulty settings that I noticed.

Graphics: The graphics are simple cartoon graphics, but very effective. Lava, oil, and water effects are very well done, and have very fluid motion. Everything is crisp and sharp.

Sound: The sound effects are, again, simple and communicate what is happening on screen well. The game’s sound track has slipped my mind. I don’t really recall it much.

Controls: Simple. The left stick controls your ship’s movement, the right is used to aim, L shoulder buttons are the grappling claw, and R shoulder buttons are used to fire. Hold down the fire button to charge and shoot missiles. Learning curve is less than 5 minutes.

Story: You are on a planet where you received an S.O.S. signal. Your goal is to save colonists and find resources. Very simple. Not a lot of depth, but this game wasn’t built to have an deep enthralling story line.

Innovation: Well, it’s a simple shooter, but there are some original elements to it. For one, your ship doesn’t really have health, but has a heat bar. If it over heats, your ship will crash. Dive into water to cool your ship (or, if you have the inverter suit, dive into lava to heat it up).

There are various different mods you can pick up during play that can change what you fire to help you solve puzzles (magma suit, water suit, magnetic field suit, and inverter suit). The magma suit changes your ships firing capability to shoot a stream of magma to melt ice and set gas on fire. The grapple claw will be able to grab chunks of solidified magma and tear it away. The water suit allows you to fire a stream of water, which will cool lava and ,if exposed to ice, will slowly freeze up and turn to an ice build up. The grapple claw will be able to grab ice chunks and tear them away. The magnetic field will repel oil away from you. There’s no grapple claw effect for this one. The inverter suit will make your ship act opposite to what it normally does, and makes water lethal instead of magma. No grapple effects for that suit.

To pass a level, you have to rescue a certain amount of colonists, and you also have to collect resources to be able to access certain levels. Each level has you solving different puzzles in order to achieve your goals, which isn’t really new but the puzzles are definitely different from what I am used to.

The game layout is pretty ordinary. There are three different stages with around 5 levels in each area and a boss as the end of the stage.

It’s all very simple, but there are a few new things to check out. It was a very nice surprise.

Difficulty: The game wasn’t very difficult with two players. Just fun and frustration free. It only took us an afternoon to complete.

Replay: I’d say that the replay value is intermediate, considering the game is fairly short. Also there are resources you can go back and collect and there are trophies. Plus the multi-player.

Overall, I’d have to say it was a good way to spend $5. Definitely worth having on your Playstation 3. Highly recommended.

I haven’t really had a chance to play Astro Tripper and Trash Panic! yet, but I’ll get to it. I downloaded and played the Dante’s Inferno demo, and I will be buying it when it is released. It plays very much like God of War, and I recommend anyone to try the demo if you enjoy the hack and slash beat ’em ups. January 5th is the release date for Bayonetta and Darksiders. January may be a busy month. February 9th is the release of Dante’s Inferno. Gaming is about to pick up again. Time to start the New Year off right!


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