Dead Space Extraction Complete

Yes, finally, I completed the single player portion of the game once through on Hard difficulty. Here is what I thought of the game.

Graphics: This game, compared to other games on the Wii, has some of the best graphics on the console. The character models look pretty good, and the lighting works well to create a decent atmosphere. The Necromorphs move around smoothly and blowing body parts off is always satisfying. You can still tell by the way it looks that it’s a Wii game though.

Sound: The sound effects are great. Coupled with the dark atmosphere, the game can occasionally pull off some chilling moments. Voice acting is well done, and most of the sound is on par with what’s happening on screen.

Controls: Excellent. Once you know the layout of the controls, it’s very easy to use. I had no problems whatsoever with the control scheme, and they are very responsive.

Story: The game is a prequel to the original Dead Space. It tells of the tale of the initial finding of the Marker and about a group of survivors escaping to the “planet cracker” mining vessel, the Ishimura, up until the point where the crew of the USG Kellion arrive. If you were a fan of the original game, you’ll appreciate this game’s story a bit. It’s really nothing all that special, but the game really is just about shooting vile alien creatures, and having fun dismembering them.

Innovation: You can pick up and carry different weapons (and there are ammo drops for them as you go through the game), there are weapon upgrades that perminently upgrade your weapons, you can occasionally choose different pathways, there are secret rooms, etc. There’s quite a bit here that I haven’t really seen in many on-rail shooters. I was happy about being able to carry weapons and have upgrades for them (up to level four). Otherwise, there isn’t much else. You can dismember enemies, but that’s not really new.

Difficulty: I played through the game on Hard difficulty. There were only a couple of difficult spots (as in a died a couple of times, but got by them without frustration). As long as you conserve ammo as much as possible, and use the best weapon for the situation, you’ll be fine. I never once got pissed off or threw a controller. After you finish the game, you unlock Expert and Impossible. We’ll have to see how tough it gets with those settings.

Replay: As I mentioned, when you beat the game, more difficulty levels are unlocked. As well, there is a challenge mode that you gradually unlock as you finish each single player stage. Each challenge level has waves of enemies, and your goal is to score as many points as possible. Other than these two things, there’s the two-player option. I wouldn’t mind playing through the game with a friend. It would actually be pretty fun, I think. It’s worth owning if you want a good on-rails shooter, or are a fan of Dead Space (even though it’s not really scary, like the other game was). There’s enough replay that I will likely want to play it again, and do the challenge modes.

Overall, I’d say this is a good game for a Wii owner’s library, or at the very least rent it. This is the kind of game I was hoping would be released on the Wii. It just seems to fit. There are also the Resident Evil games, and House of the Dead, but I like this game better. Mind you, I haven’t played the latest Resident Evil game. We’ll have to see how that is as well.


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