News For November 3, 2009

Some of it is a bit old, and has been sitting in my browser for a couple of days. Just read it.

Microsoft says “happy Halloween and fuck you!“. Don’t use your modded 360s online. Are you fucking retarded?

If you have the internet, and any sort of interest in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then you have likely seen the leaked videos. Well, some of the content in the leaked videos has caused a stir of controversy, and now the ratings may be getting reconsidered. The game might even be banned in Australia. Sorry mates.

If you’re interested in the God of War III collector’s edition box, then take a look at this. I will still likely get it, considering I am a complete sucker for special edition shit.

Yay. Muscle sensors. I find this to be quite interesting and look forward to it. I know I said I am not a big fan of motion controls, since I don’t really want to sweat or move around when I am trying to relax with a game, but muscle sensor technology has quite a few applications and possibilities.

Seriously, fuck off. Less violent video games? There are heaps of games out there that have little to no violence in them. There’s variety for everyone. I enjoy all games, but I don’t think there needs to be any less violence. There needs to be less garbage games for the Wii. That’s about my only complaint.

There. I hope you’re happy.


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