Gaming Session With Magic and Matt

I took a trip to London yesterday to visit my friend Magic. It also happened that Dino was around, so I got a chance to visit with him as well. I had a few tasks to take care of in London (picked up comics, and saw Zombieland), but gaming dominated this trip. I had packed my Playstation 3 up with my 24″ monitor.

I got to Magic’s place around 6pm and got my stuff set-up. We played Borderland, two-player split screen, and I must say that the game is very addictive. We played it for a couple of hours, and then we went and saw Zombieland. When we came back around midnight, we didn’t stop playing until around 4:15 a.m. Needless to say, we all lost track of time. Dino and Magic’s girlfriend (Sammich) played Halo 3 while Borderlands was being double teamed by Magic and I.

Focusing on Borderlands (considering it’s the only game I actually played last night), I have to say I am impressed. We both reached level 16, and just beat Sledge (the first major boss). We went back to town and stopped playing after that. This game is a hell of a lot more fun played with a friend.

There are a lot of different weapons in the game. I don’t think I ever picked up the same weapon twice. I am a hunter, and use a pistol, submachine gun and a sniper rifle. Magic was a soldier and used pretty much any weapon that was good (primarily the same weapons as I used though). I really enjoy the fire damage some weapons do. When an enemy gets set on fire, it pretty much just burns to death. It’s morbid, but satisfying.

As far as armour is concerned, there are different shields to select from. All generate a shield around you, and most have other perks. Some will cause damage to enemies close by, if depleted to 0 shield health. Others can increase your health, or even regenerate it. Some give resistance to different elements. Again, I rarely see the same one twice.

As far as items are concerned, there are levels of rarity via a colour coding system. White being just an ordinary weapon, green, blue, purple and orange (in order of rarity) are the special items. I have only seen green, blue and purple. No orange yet.

The game is cut up into different zones. Each zone is rather large, and it can take quite a bit of walking around to get anywhere sometimes. I enjoy the check points (respawn poles). I am glad I don’t have to respawn in town all the time or anything. Walking back to where I died would have been a much bigger chore. The game’s respawn points charge you a bit of cash to revive you. Otherwise, the only penalty is walking back to kill whatever killed you. It really doesn’t get too frustrating. No experience loss, or dead body to retrieve. Oh, and another thing on dying in the game. When you do go down, you have about 30 seconds of time before you are forced back to the respawn. When you are down, you can’t be hurt anymore. You can’t move or scope in with your weapons. If you can kill an enemy before you completely black out and respawn, you will be revived on the spot. Also, any other players with you can revive you if you’re down. I like these features.

The graphics in the game are pretty sweet. It’s pretty much cell shaded, but it’s not really…the typical cell shading. It’s better. The only complaint, graphics wise, is that during two-player split screen, there can be some laggy spots. Especially when you set enemies on fire.

Leveling up your character has a lot of options to it, as far as the skill tree is concerned. You can invest up to five skill points into each skill. I am investing primarily into the Hunter’s Sniper Damage, and Accuracy. I have also invested into the experience point increase for anyone in the group that kills an enemy with a critical hit. That skill and the skill where, when I kill an enemy, my damage increases and reload time is quicker. I have maxed out sniper damage. I really enjoy sniping. Head explosions are great. I don’t bother upgrading Bloodwing. I have invested a bit into increased critical damage, and pistol double shots. There is also a section for your character’s progress with each weapon class. As you use, for example, a pistol, your skills with that class will increase with use of the weapon. I enjoy that.

There is no level matching, like in Fallout 3 or Oblivion. I HATED THAT! In this game, it depends on the area you’re in and progress through the game. As you move through the game, it gets progressively harder. If you go back to the beginning, enemies are lower levels and easy. I am not sure if enemies are tougher with two or more players though. Or if there are more enemies. I’ll have to play some single player and check that out.

We both enjoyed the gaming session a lot. We got lost in Borderlands, and really didn’t want to leave. Next week, I will be returning to London for another visit. We’ll likely play some more then. Dino needs to try it out this time.

It’s also been brought to my attention that a certain university professor reads this blog and wants me to talk more about Demon’s Souls. Now that I know that, I likely won’t post anything about Demon’s Souls just to annoy you. BAHAHAHAA! *cough* Okay, well, actually I have been busy with so many games, that my progress with Demon’s Souls has halted. I will be returning to it shortly. Don’t worry. I mentioned in a recent post that I am trying to kill Man Eater in 3-2. I have completed the following levels: 1-2, 2-1, and 3-1. I have a soul level of 47 and I am a hunter. I use a spear, and long bow primarily. They are upgraded. The game is tough, but I find it rewarding. I have invested maybe 20 hours or so into it. I also have a second character that is a Temple Knight and I only use him to play multiplayer with my friend Kyle.

Alright, anyway, that’s all I have for now. There will be more to come next week!


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