Laynix and Matt Play Demon’s Souls

On Thursday night (October 8, 2009), I packed up the Playstation 3 and my 24″ monitor and went on over to play some Demon’s Souls with Laynix. We didn’t even play together, in the multiplayer sense of things, but we were in the same room. That counts for something. Right?

We both figured out that we had to finished level 1-1 to be able to play multiplayer at all. We both did this. I had some problems with the first major demon, Phalanx, at the start. I tried shooting it with arrows to avoid the hoplites altogether, but Phalanx kept regeneration all of it’s HP. Annoyed, I went into my Matt rage and just ran in and hacked the fucker with my battle axe. Surprisingly enough, standing in the middle of all of the hoplites and just healing once in a while, I managed to kill Phalanx. Laynix felt that it was pretty easy. *shrugs* Whatever, we both finished 1-1 anyway.

After finishing the first boss, we were trying to figure out how to play co-op together. Well, we gave up trying. This is one of those games where reading the manual is actually, for the most part, necessary. In order to play it with someone else, you have to use a Blue Eye Stone to summon another player in “Phantom” form. This means that the other player has to be in soul form for you to actual invite them to your game. Someone’s gotta be dead, essentially. You can summon up to two phantoms in total, making it a 3 player game. The player that is in soul form has to leave a mark in the game (essentially a message) and other player’s that are playing online can accept to invite you to their game. This will help you get past tough areas. If you have the guide, you’ll be able to read all about this. I am not going to keep talking, since I really haven’t even played this game multiplayer at all yet.

Laynix and I essentially just sat around playing solo, and talking (repeating how awesome we think this game is). Even though we die a fucking shitload, it never seems to turn us away. We both stopped playing at the same spot, 1-2. Laynix kept getting killed by the Red Flying Dragon (though he did finally get past it), and I kept getting killed by the damn Tower Knight (getting crushed by his shield is quite the death).

I’ve been playing the game a lot at home, and I am currently soul level 30, and I finished 1-2. Yes, I owned that Tower Knight. I also killed the annoying Flying Red Dragon that breathes fire on you as you advance in area 1-2. It only took about 150 arrows. I need to visit another archstone and defeat a major demon in another area to advance past the thick fog that surrounds the doors leading to 1-3. I will likely go to 2-1 and complete that area. I have invested around 12 hours into the game so far. I have had it since Wednesday. Addiction? I think so.


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