The Last Week Has Been Good!

Alright, so this will be a catch all post about the last week (beginning with last Thursday September 17). It will cover some purchases I made, the games I’ve been playing and a gaming get together at my friend’s place in London. Let’s begin with the get together first, shall we.

My friend Magic and I had been talking about getting people together at his place for a while, and it finally came together last week. It was glorious. I took my 24″ monitor (it has hdmi and component inputs, so it’s basically a sweet high def television), my PC, my PS3 and my 360. I brought a few games that I thought we may want to play. For the 360, I brought Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Rainbow Six Vegas. I also had Dead Space, but I only had it there to unlock some content. For my Playstation 3 I brought UFC Undisputed 2009, Skate 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10, Resistance 2, and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

While setting up my PC at Magic’s place, I logged into Steam to update it and my games. While I was doing so, I purchased Titan Quest Gold (game and expansion). It’s a game that I never played, but wish I had. It’s essentially just like Diablo. It’ll be my fix until Diablo 3 comes out for sure.

The gaming started off on the 360s with some Rock Band being played on Magic’s 360, and me downloading and unlocking a few games on mine. I unlocked Braid, Lode Runner, Geometry Wars, and Shadow Complex. Shadow Complex is definitely a great game, for those who haven’t tried it. Download it and play the trial, at least.

Once everyone got there, we played some Halo 3. Yes, I don’t really like Halo all that much, but it was pretty fun. We played 3 people per 360 on a LAN, and it was nice. Lots of laughs. We played a few different game types on a few different maps. I think I had the most fun with Rocket Slayer and the King of the Hill matches. There were definitely a few kills I wish we could have caught on video (naturally this is the case with almost every gaming session any gamer has had with a group of friends, so why I am even mentioning it is beyond me).

After maybe an hour of Halo 3, we switched over to some Gears of War (the first one, since we didn’t have 2 copies of the second one). We played some 2 on 2 over the LAN, since not everyone has an XBox Live Gold account. It’s still one of the best feelings in the world when you sink your chain saw into someone. Glorious. After that, we split our attention between some PC gaming and the 360s.

Another person showed up with their PC and was wanting some Team Fortress 2 actions. It was Magic, Ryan and I playing. Others were playing Magic’s 360 (I think Rock Band again). We were going to play more than just TF2, but it seems we got stuck playing Team Fortress 2. I handed my mouse and keyboard over to one of Magic’s friends so he could give it a try. He isn’t a PC gamer at all, but learned pretty quickly. Mouse and keyboard is still so much more better than a console controller. Don’t even argue. You’ll lose. Anyway, I watched some Team Fortress 2 get played, and when we finished with that, we moved on to the Playstation 3.

Some people were playing Street Fighter 4 on the 360, but I had something better in mind. I mentioned before that BlazBlue is quite the game. Well I had it with me that night. It was likely one of the best games to finish a night of gaming with. Nobody seemed to want to stop playing it. I hogged the controller and other people took turns fighting me. I finally gave it up after about 10 matches. It’s such a great game, but it’s so unforgiving. Some characters in it are useless unless you get a chance to train with them a bit. There were some moments of frustration, but the majority of the time was spent laughing and having fun. Even just watching people play was nice.

All that being said, I think it was a fairly decent gaming night. We will be having another one near the end of October. Expect another post then.

The day after that (Friday), I had a day with a lady friend of mine and we fit in some Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 into our time together. We played a quick 9 holes early on, and came back later the same day and played another 9 holes. The first time around, I won, but the second time around I think we were really close to a tie. I forget who won. She’s the influence behind me even owning a golf game. It’s actually pretty fun, especially when you make your own golfer and he’s ugly as sin.

As I mentioned above, I purchased Braid, Lode Runner, Geometry Wars and Shadow Complex on my 360. I’ve been diving into Braid quite a bit, and it’s definitely worth playing. Shadow Complex will be getting more of my attention when I have more time to play (likely today). I also need to stop neglecting Gears of War 2. I want to finish it soon, as I have had it since it’s fucking release date! I fail at completing games sometimes.

Since cleaning my PC and switching over to my new 24″ monitor, I’ve been changing the resolutions for each of my installed games. It reminds me that I need to finish Far Cry 2 at some point. I hate that I have invested around 18 hours into that game, and haven’t finished it. *shakes head* Also, Sins of a Solar Empire needs more attention. Titan Quest has been receiving my attention, but only in half hour-one hour doses. It’s good, but it’d be better playing with someone. I need to get it on my other PC.

I’ve been really busy the last week, and I don’t expect that I will be posting very often still. There’s a few changes going on in my life, education wise, so I need to focus a bit on that. Persona for PSP is out I think, and I’ll need to go and pick that up sometime soon. Shit. I forgot. Also, Laynix pointed out Demon’s Soul for the Playstation 3. I will have it. I need to stop buying games. Fuck it’s going to be hard. Wish me luck.


3 Responses to “The Last Week Has Been Good!”

  1. DinoB and Magic here, we just read the post about the LAN party, but Magic says slaving over the stove, the free homemade pizza was pretty good also. But you definitely had the night down to a T. It was phenomenal.

  2. Are you prepared to do it again? The Thursday before Halloween sound good to you guys?

  3. I’m in man, sounds good.

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