Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP), Scribblenauts (DS), and Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 (PS3) – Initial Impressions

Well, yesterday I was in Waterloo and I dropped by EB Games at Conestoga Mall to pick up Scribblenauts. I also picked up Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10. Yes, that’s right, I purchased a golf game. Don’t ask, just accept it. I mentioned in an earlier post that I picked up Dissidia Final Fantasy the day before. I have sat down and played all of these games for a few minutes each. Good news. They are all decent games.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is definitely different than what I had expected. I expected it to play like Crisis Core, but it’s not the same. Each level has you moving around your character’s model on a small grid. There are items and enemies that appear in different spots. Your goal is to reach the target mark on the map. When you move up to an object, you may pick it up. When you move up to an enemy, you may fight it. You begin with a certain amount of DP. As you perform actions, you lose DP. Having DP left over at the end of the map gets you more points overall. Some enemies will have a goal for you to achieve, that will earn you more DP points on the map. Combat is action based, and is interesting. I need to practice more combat to get the hang of it, but it is fun. You have 10 characters to play as in story mode. Each with their own storyline. There is also arcade mode. I have not tried it yet. I am not sure when I will sit and play through this game.

Scribblenauts is just as I hoped it would be. Awesome. The game is set up in small stages. You are presented with a small puzzle, and you have to figure out what objects you need in order to solve it. You just type in the object you think you want, and then it will appear on the screen. There are so many objects in this game, I am going to go nuts. There are even zombies! I have to make a map with a zombie related puzzle! Yes, there is a map editor. You can create your own levels. It’s a simple pick up and play game. You can play it for a minute and set it down, or sit for a long time exploring the inner reaches of your imagination. I am loving this game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 is a game I picked up due to referral. I am not a huge golf fan or anything, but this game isn’t actually that bad. I played through the tutorial stuff, and created a golfer. I played 9 holes and had a good time with it. I was surprised. This game will be a lot more fun playing with someone though. I imagine most sports games are.

I pre-ordered Persona for the PSP as well, while at EB. Expect something on that next week.


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