On Nintendo 64

I found this on Digg this morning, and thought it was a great article on the Nintendo 64. The initial picture of the evolution of Nintendo’s game console controllers is great. It gave me a few brief giggles for sure.

This article really makes me want to go and play some Goldeneye. I played that game so damn much. I am sure everyone that has played it, played it a lot and knows what I am talking about. It was the first game that I had an obsession with shooting enemies in the crotch. *thumbs up*

I really need to get my hands on a copy of Gauntlet Legends. When I have that, it’ll be time to invite four buddies over to drink and hack thousands of enemies down. Until we break our controllers. Those evil…awesome…horrible…controllers.

In reference to the control sticks, I had never had any problems with them hurting my thumb or ever breaking. I played my Nintendo 64 a ton, and never had an issue. I never had an issue with cartidges not working either. Never had to blow in them. I guess I must have kept things clean enough.

Maybe I’ll play some Nintendo 64 this morning…


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