Console Wars

I just finished reading an article on the top 5 console wars. Reading about these console wars really brings back some memories. Essentially the memories of me buying all of these consoles (well, other than the Sega Saturn, which I don’t think I ever saw one in a store), and playing all of the wonderful games (like when I played Mortal Kombat for the first time). It’s a good article for those who have been around for all of the console wars, and even for those that weren’t. Hopefully it’ll inspire some of the younger generations to keep an eye out and try some of the older games.

#5. Nintendo 64 vs. Sony Playstation vs. Sega Saturn
Sony clearly won this battle. I will admit that. But, most of my gaming memories from this era belong to the Nintendo 64. Games such as Golden Eye 007, Mario 64 (which blew my mind the first time I played it), Gauntlet Legends, Star Fox, Perfect Dark, and Rogue Squadron. So many great games, both single player and multiplayer. I recall that for a friend’s birthday, we just all sat around for the entire day playing Gauntlet 4 players. Loved it. Such an addictive game. I miss the days of 4 player split screen. *sigh*

The Sega Saturn holds no memories for me, since I never fucking found one!

Sony has some memories for me as well, like when I played Gex, and Tekken for the first time. Crash Bandicoot as competition for Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. So many games. Oh, and Medal of Honor when it first came out.

#4. Nintendo DS vs. Sony PSP
This battle is still going, but unfortunately it has already been won. There’s no way in hell the PSP is going to defeat the DS. The article points out some insane ads that Sony released for the PSP. I couldn’t believe the one add shown below. What the hell was Sony thinking!?

#3. Nintendo Game Boy vs. Sega Game Gear
Alright, in all seriousness, do I even need to talk about these? The Game Gear was awesome, but the Game Boy was still my first hand held love (shut up you sick fucks, I was only…10 or 11 when I finally had enough money for a Game Boy). I purchased my Game Boy at Canadian Tire. Back in the day, yes, Canadian Tire did sell games. I remember purchasing quite a few games there. The Game Gear had potential, but I never saw enough games that came out that were really any good. Sonic was all I really remember. The Game Boy had Tetris with it to begin with, and then were were games like Donkey Kong Land, Super Mario Land, and Pokemon. Then the variants of the system, with the Colour, Pocket and Micro. The Game Boy was also cheaper and used less batteries. I don’t see how it could have went any other way.

#2. Sony Playstation 2 vs. Microsoft’s X-Box vs. Nintendo Game Cube
I refused to buy an X-Box in the last generation. Something about Microsoft being complete evil, and Halo having so much fucking hype that it turned me off from it. I hated Halo, and still do. I did find guilty pleasure in playing it occasionally though, since everyone had it. I was forced to play, I swear!

The Game Cube really didn’t have all that many games that caught my interest back then, that I really remember. Of course now I know there are quite a few good games for it. I guess I never really looked hard enough before. I really didn’t realize the power of the Game Cube until I saw Resident Evil 4. That game knocked me on my ass.

Sony defeated the competition again in this war. Going on the success of the original Playstation, and continuing successful game franchises like Tekken and Gran Turismo, nothing really had much chance. I’ll have to agree with the article on that for sure. Hell, the Playstation 2 is still going. It’s almost made it through two generations now. That is insane.

This is where the console games went online and the split screen era began to die. Was not happy, considering my lack of broadband.

#1. Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis
Nintendo just finished owning with the original NES against Sega’s Master System, but Sega wasn’t out. They came back, and gave Nintendo a healthy fight (in my mind). A lot of games came out cross platform, and you could always tell who was a Nintendo fan and who was a Sega fan. This generation is where fan boys started to go at it. I really only leaned towards Sega, because they weren’t as geared towards censoring the games as much as Nintendo was. Mortal Kombat being the prime example. If you were to buy that game, you’d get the Sega version.

The Super Nintendo won, obviously. So many good games came out for it. Chrono Trigger, Killer Instinct, Super Street Fight II Turbo, Clay Fighter, Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana, Doom and Wolfenstien (just a mention since it was a big game back in the day when id software was coming into view), Donkey Kong Country, and a slew of other fine games. About the only game I recall being really fond of for the Genesis back then was Cyborg Justice. I would have also mentioned Splatter House 2 and 3, but I didn’t hear about those games back then. Streets of Rage also noted. It just wasn’t quite enough.

Talking about all of these old consoles and games makes me want to play some old games again. Maybe once I am done finishing up Batman: Arkham Asylum, I will do some gaming on my older consoles for a change.


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