Purchase For August 3, 2009 (Wii Sports Resort)

I had this pre-ordered a week or so ago. I replaced my BlazBlue pre-order with Wii Sports Resort. I picked it up today, along with an extra Wii Motion Plus.

I have played it for 45 minutes so far, and I am having some fun with it. I have tried the Sword Fighting, Wake Boarding, Frisbee, and the Archery. Sword Fighting is likely my favourite so far. Archery is placing second.

In the Sword Fighting, there’s the one-on-one fighting, where you have to try and knock your opponent off of a platform. There’s a quick slice competition, where an object is set in front of you and you have to slice in an indicated direction and cut it in half before your opponent does. Then there’s the third play mode, where you are fighting a horde of other sword fighters. You can only be hit three times and then you are out, so be sure to parry the attacks. Take out all of the opponents to move on to the next level. I think I recall there being eight or ten levels. It reminds me of a simplified Dynasty Warriors title.

The Archery sets you up a certain distance from a target, and you have to try to get a bulls-eye (naturally). The closer you are to the bulls-eye, the more points you accumulate. You get three shots per target. Wind speed and direction play a factor, so you have to compensate for that. The distance to the target also plays a role, so you need to aim higher the further away you are. I enjoy it, and I think my dad might as well. I’ll have to get him to try it. There are three difficulties, and I really only tried beginner.

Wake boarding is just moving back and forth as a boat drags you. You pop up off of the wake and try to do high jumps and tricks. You need to hold the Wii Remote level to land properly, or else you don’t get points. Moving the Wii Remote up makes you go higher and flicking it to a side seems to do tricks. You are holding the Wii Remote like a controller, and not pointing it at the screen for this game. Sort of like holding it for Excite Truck or something similar. It’s okay, but I didn’t find this sport all that exciting. Maybe I am missing something.

Frisbee is all about the throw strength, and timed releases. I played it on Manual release. What’s the point in Automatic release? It is an option. Bah! Anyway, you throw a frisbee and try to hit a target location or balloons. The closer you get to the target, the more points you get. Balloons you pop also give points. You have a little dog that goes and fetches it for you. I really don’t know what else to say here. That is about all for frisbee so far. I didn’t play it for too long.

The enhanced motion controls are nice. You can really notice it with the sword fighting. The sword moves 100% with the angle and motion that the controller is being held or moved. If it seems off, just set it flat on a table, facing down, and it’ll recalibrate the motion plus. It’s extremely simple to attach to the controller as well. Hell, there’s even a stupid video on how to attach it. It was annoying having to watch it, but there are some people out there…

This is the first Wii game I have purchased in a while. I really want Red Steel 2 to come out now. I want to play with swords in the wild west, damn it!


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