Sword of the Stars, it’s pretty good!

A few weeks ago my cousin Jordan was talking about a game called Sword of the Stars, and he bought it and said it is good. This past weekend it was on sale on Steam for 15.99 so I snatched it up. I’ve been playing it quite a bit over the past few days, and I’m liking it. It’s a 4x explore, expand, exploit, exterminate game, similar to Masters of Orion, and it’s fairly fast paced. I played it a bit and decided I liked Space Empires V a lot better, mainly due to the tons of things to do and tons of planets to conquer, but it wouldn’t work on Windows 7.

The few downsides I’ve noticed so far are: Graphics: They are a bit cartoony, and the ships look dumb. It’s a bit dated, but overall it works. Looking around the map: Viewing the planets and ships can get a bit confusing because of the way the map moves. You double click a planet to centre the camera then move the camera around that. If the planets are close together they can get a bit cluttered. Combat: Auto combat is fine since it’s automatic, but I don’t like the strategic combat at all. Ships that are far away are really hard to see and it’s very slow and not fun.

The upsides are: Fun: yes. Runs on Windows 7 beta: yes. Multiplayer (which is uncommon with this type of game): Yes. There are people that play online, and you can join a game that someone already has going, and you can bring single player games online. It’s great. Speed: Most of these games take forever to play, but this one seems a bit faster. There isn’t a lot of micro management, so you basically just keep building ships and attacking/defending planets. There’s research, and you select the weapons and stuff for your ships, but I just keep building the same ship over and over until I have a better gun and modify it. The planets themselves just grow automatically, and you don’t build any buildings or anything like that, so it’s just combat, which works well.

Anyway, I like it, and I’m going back to play more right now.


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