Initial impression for June 16, 2009

So much for making this a daily post. Yesterday I decided I would play some Battlefield Bad Company for the PS3 since I’ve barely played it at all, and since it’s now on the greatest hits list. I guess the reason they’ve sold a lot of copies is, well, first of all it’s a pretty good game, and second is because it’s already really cheap. It’s less than $20 used at EB. But anyway, I played for about half an hour and played the single player a bit more.

Overall I like this game, although I think I would have more fun playing it on the PC, which is strange since it’s only on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This is the only PS3 game that I’ve tried that I would prefer to play on a PC, but it’s just that a keyboard and mouse is just the better way to play a FPS. I prefer to play third person on a console, and that’s typically what most of the action/shooter games are.

There are a few strange things that I’ve noticed about this game. The first is running. You hold L3 to run and it just barely increases your speed. It makes running from cover to cover very sluggish. The other thing is the healing stick. You have a health meter, and when you’re low on health you just take cover, pull out your trusty health stick, shove it into your chest, and regain all lost health. The only down side to this is the timer that prevents you from using it more frequently than 20-30 seconds. As long as you are near cover you should have no problem at all staying alive, and, the third thing, is if you happen to die, when you respawn, all of the enemies that you killed before you died are still killed.

After this I played some EVE.

One Response to “Initial impression for June 16, 2009”

  1. Man, me and my buddies had some swell times with Bad Company. Really looking forward to the next game.

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