I Am Finally Finished Resistance: Retribution +

Last night, during my night shift, I finally completed the campaign in Resistance: Retribution. I only played through on Normal, but I don’t plan to play it through again. It’s an alright game, but with all of the other stuff I have to play, it’s not worth a second play through.

As with my other reviews, I am going to go over the game in a list of categories and give my opinion on each.

Graphics: For a game on a hand held gaming system, I found the graphics to be excellent. The lighting effects were good, and the character models were fairly detailed. It did seem a bit grainy at times, and character movement could be a bit jerky as well. They are not perfect, but they definitely weren’t horrible.

Sound: The music in the game was fitting, the dialogue was fairly well done and the creature sounds and gun blasts sounded decent. The odd time, the sound seemed to be off of it’s mark a little bit, but nothing that really hindered the experience too much. Also, I wouldn’t have minded if Grayson (the main character) could have said a little less at times during game play. Some comments he made were just sort of annoying.

Controls: The controls in the game were good, considering the lack of a second analog stick. Using the triangle, circle, X and square buttons to look around took a bit of getting used to though. Good thing the game has an auto-aim feature so you don’t have to aim. I would have quit playing it long ago if that was the case. The PSP would be so much better if they could somehow have all of the buttons from the Playstation controller on it.

Innovation: There really isn’t anything overly unique about this game, that I found. To make up for the lack of buttons on the PSP, the game had a feature that let’s you take cover automatically when you approach something you can hide behind. The auto-aim feature was a save for the game. Without the second analog stick to aim, it would have taken a serious hit with just using the buttons to aim. That isn’t really something that hasn’t been done before, but it was a good idea considering the PSP.

Story: Well, I don’t really like to talk about the story line in games much since I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t played the game. The story is actually not bad, other than the game seems to go on and on. I kept wondering when the hell the game would be over. This could be that I really wanted to move on to the next game though, so other may not experience this. Anyway, the game starts with you as James Grayson. Grayson’s brother was taken and converted into a Chimera, and Grayson has to put a bullet to his brother. He then goes off to take down Chimeran conversion centers across Europe. He doesn’t care about dying, as long as he kills as many of the Chimera as possible. He is imprisoned for deserting his unit, but he is then recruited by France to help them with a special mission. That is as far as I will go with it.

Difficulty: On normal, the game wasn’t very difficult. There were a few spots where it didn’t seem like there was ever enough cover or ammo. I found myself having to back track to get health and ammo. Frustration levels peeked a few times, but nothing that made me furious. Sometimes I just needed to take a break from the game, and come back when I calmed down.

Overall, I’d say that the game is a good step for hand held shooters. The limitations of the control scheme are pretty much the only problems with games like these, but this game found a way around it for the most part. If you have an opportunity to try it out, go for it. Or if you find it for really cheap, pick it up if you are a fan of the Resistance series.


Once I finished Resistance: Retribution, I finally got a good start on Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. I invested an hour or so into the game, and it is pretty fun. I like the combat quite a bit. It’s basically an action RPG, but with random encounters. There hasn’t been a lot to the story so far, but I am willing to bet that it’ll be good. I loved Final Fantasy VII, so I will likely enjoy this a lot.

Prototype is growing on me more and more. I feel like I am neglecting Red Faction: Guerrilla a bit, but fuck it. I enjoy tearing people apart too much. I think I am up to 8 or 9 hours into the game. I will make a post for this game specifically sometime soon.

I need to get back to playing Persona 3. I feel I am ignoring a great game. I have invested 9 hours into it so far, and I am not going to let that go to waste. Once I platinum in inFamous, I shall get back to it.

That is all I have for today. Later on I will be at work, bored, and will try and fit in a news post.


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