Project Gotham Racing 4, my initial impressions

I bought Project Gotham Racing 4 a while ago and didn’t really play it a whole lot, and today I decided to give it another shot and make a post about what I initially think about it after playing it for about an hour. I’m going to try to do this for a bunch of games that I’ve just barely played or haven’t played at all, and I’ll try to make a daily post if I have time.

So far, PGR 4 seems like a fairly good game, although there are a few things that I don’t like. Overall, the racing is pretty good. The game lets me know when I’ve done a good corner, and awards me with Kudos when I’ve done things well or drifted a bit and stuff like that. I can use the Kudos to unlock things in the game like new cars and (and here’s something that I think is pretty dumb) new helmets for my driver. I also don’t like the sound very much. The sound of the cars is fine, but the sound in the menus is a bit annoying, and then when I enter an event, before the race is about to start and it just has the drivers listed, my driver just keeps reving the engine in about the most annoying way possible. There’s also this thing when it goes back to the menu about a car just spinning donuts. It just keeps going around making noise and shit. Donuts are fun, but listening to someone else just squealing their tires for no good reason can get annoying.

I’ve been playing the career mode, which takes place chronologically using a calendar. When an scheduled event comes along, I enter it. This makes for a bit of variety, but so far each of the races have been 2-3 laps, and only about half of them have other cars that I’m racing against.

It’s a pretty good game so far, and I’m quite a big fan of racing games, but I’m just too much of a fan of the Gran Turismo series to rate this game very highly. I’ll make another post, months from now, when I have put some more time into this one.


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