News Post For June 8, 2009

Well, it’s been a while since I read any gaming news, so I figured it is about time. Considering that E3 just happened, there’s quite a bit of stuff I am going to cover. This is just the stuff that I find interesting. Please bare in mind that this is all mixed around. Some of it is news from yesterday and the day before, and some is from today. I read most of this stuff last night, but I was too tired to post by the time it all loaded and I read it (Dial up internet is awesome).

We’ll start off with something from Kotaku that I found kind of funny. It’s not really important, it’s just…something. It’s funny when someone with experience does something n00bish.

To be honest, I never trusted video game studies, and here is why. Likely not a surprise to most people that most game studies are complete bullshit and non-sense. If you are going to do some sort of game study, at least know something about what the hell it is you are doing a study on!

Tetris’s 25th birthday just passed by, and the game has been featured in Time Magazine. Time has implied that it is by far the most lasting success of the Soviet Union, which is likely true. Nintendo licensed the game in 1989, but it was originally created on June 6, 1984. This game is older than I am. Here is the article. Happy belated birthday Tetris!

This is just proof that ABC News is complete garbage. They compiled a list of games that “went too far”, but most of them are games that I have not even heard of. The only one that is or has been in the mainstream spot light is GTA4. Congratulation ABC, you officially suck at life. Read the article, and laugh.

For those who have watched “The King of Kong”, you likely know who Billy Mitchell is. Apparently, there has been a bit of drama in his life. Someone has been making forged comments via Twitter about Steve Wiebe‘s attempts at breaking Mitchell’s world record score in Donkey Kong. The comments are claimed to be untrue. Read it here.

Nintendo is apparently not afraid of being left behind, with Sony and Microsoft bringing in their own motion sensing control devices. It doesn’t surprise me at all, considering that Nintendo has targeted non-gamers (majority) more so than actual gamers (minority). We’ll see how things turn out, but Nintendo needs to find it’s way back to the core gamers. The rest of the world is just not as committed to games as much as we are. Eventually, things will slow to a crawl and Nintendo will have lost their core gamers. They better start releasing better games more consistently. Sony has been winning my heart quickly since I purchased my Playstation 3. We’ll see how the Wii Motion Plus does and what games will do with it. Red Steel 2 better fucking rock.

This is just my opinion, but I think this will be garbage. I hated The Grudge, so I am being a little bit prejudice here. Bah!

I want to download this for the Playstation 3, for sure. I love Battle Tanks! Sure, I have Wii Play that has something similar, but this will be better. I just have a feeling.

Nintendo had been developing a new hand-held gaming system for the last few years, but decided to keep the DS’s momentum going. Likely a good decision. Also, the picture that is posted in the article hurts my eyes.

Speaking of Nintendo, if you were wondering what Miyamoto’s team has been up to, well you can see it here. Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are all going to be solid games, with any hope. Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda are both definitely going to be good.

This is all I am posting for now. I will update this with more articles later. I am currently out of time, as I want to get to Laynix’s place to do some gaming.

Update: You have likely noticed that I didn’t get around to posting more news. I’ve been busy, and was rather tired after getting home from Laynix’s place on Monday night. I’m not going to bother posting the news I had lined up, since it is now likely that you’ve read it. There’ll be a post or two from me soon, as I picked up Prototype.


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