E-Bay Review For May, 2009

This post is a little bit late, but I don’t really think it’s a big deal.

This is a list of all of the E-Bay sellers that I bought games or game related items off of in May. I’ll name the seller, then give a comment on the quality of the transaction.

ca_cheapskate: I purchased Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the Playstation off of this seller. He had a picture posted, and an alright description. The item received was resurfaced, which wasn’t mentioned in the auction, but otherwise, everything is fine. No real complaints.

redlinepassion: I purchased Project Gotham Racing 4 off of this seller. The game came brand new, as it was described. It shipped fast, and I had no issues.

weeeeeeeeeeeeee: I purchased Intelligent Cube for the Playstation off of this seller. There were pictures posted, and a decent description of the item. The game came as described, other than there was a small crack in the jewel case. This isn’t a problem, considering jewel cases are easily replaceable.

dasilva1079: I purchased Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits for the Playstation 2 off of this seller. It came exactly as described and was shipped quickly. No problems at all with this seller. Recommended.

garchivas: I purchased WipEout XL for the Playstation off of this seller. Everything came as described, except for the game disc. It is scratched up a lot, but it works fine. It was so cheap that I didn’t care though. Not sure if I would recommend this seller or not. Be sure to message them about anything you are going to buy before buying it.

nintendoplayerschoice: I purchased two 3.8 mm bits off of this seller, for opening my Nintendo game cartridges. Item came as described. Appears to be the same material as the last bit I purchased, so will likely wear out quickly. No problems with the seller though.

There was another seller that I purchased I-Ninja from, but the auction is gone from my E-Bay account’s memory, and I cannot remember the name of the seller. It was really the only purchase I was annoyed with, considering it didn’t come complete. It is mentioned in one of my mail posts from May.

That is all for May. I really didn’t buy much from E-Bay, as I am cutting back. I am going to try and stick to buying more from stores and people off of Kijiji.


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