inFamous And Today’s Purchase

The night I took inFamous home, I played it for about an hour and I haven’t posted much else (either about it or in general) since. Well, now that it has been a few days, I can definitely say that I am addicted to it. I have likely invested 90% of my gaming time into inFamous since Tuesday (around twelve hours or so).

I currently just finished defending the prison against the dustmen on the second island. I have done all of the side missions and good side missions presented to me so far. Statistically, I sit at the highest Karma level (Hero), 49% complete, 20 out of 32 Dead Drops, 10 out of 21 stunts, 164 out of 350 shards, 55 out of 84 districts cleared, powers and upgrades at 38, and I have done 10 out of 15 good missions.

When I play, I find it extremely difficult to stop. Hours go by and I don’t even notice. Everyone must have this game for their Playstation 3.

Anyway, I won’t go into the game in detail really. Once I am done the game once through, I will give a better review.

Today I met a guy in Cambridge and picked up a game.

The game is Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintendo. It’s in decent shape, other than a minor tear on the label. It was $20.


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