Clear Skies

Most of my free time in the past few days has been taken up by playing EVE Online and Infamous. I’ve been spending a lot of time mining asteroids in EVE to help out the corporation that I’ve joined, and I essentially just turn on my mining lasers for a while and make sure I don’t get attacked. There’s essentially a lot of time that I have to do other things, so, that’s when I’ve been playing Infamous.

Another thing related to EVE is a great video made with the Half-Life 2 engine. It’s more like a two part movie, but it’s definitely worth watching, even if you don’t play EVE. You should download and watch Clear Skies when you get a chance.

Infamous has been a lot of fun so far. I just finished the first island tonight and have started on the second. It’s been fairly easy so far, but I’m only playing it on the default difficulty for now. I’m playing through as evil first, then I’ll play through as good on the hardest difficulty. One thing that doesn’t make a lot of sense, other than the not being able to climb or shoot through chain link fences, as Penny-Arcade pointed out, is that if you drain the power of a car it continues to drive.

I’ve also been playing GRID some more, since it’s great and I’ve barely played it. It’s very unforgiving if you hit a wall and spin out. It’s basically makes you lose the race, but they have a feature that you can roll back time and retry the corner a few times.


2 Responses to “Clear Skies”

  1. Not being able to shoot electricity through chain link fences makes sense, considering metal is a conductor. Some chain link fences in the game have razor wire at the tops of them, but other than that I don’t understand why we can’t climb them.

  2. Chris Hill Says:

    My Xbox 360 died! There is sound but no video. I think it must be the video card. Tried hooking the system to a different TV but haven’t tried new A/V cable yet. My Xbox warranty has expired, but I heard that Microsoft will replace the system if you tell them it’s the “red ring of death.” HELP

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