Money Has Been Spent. You Knew This Would Happen!

I haven’t really been online to make any posts during the course of the weekend. I was away at my girlfriend’s place and it was her brother’s wedding on Saturday. We got home last night and I passed out. I passed out because I had not slept very much for the past three days. I was too busy. Not busy enough to keep myself away from buying video games though!

I was in Waterloo, so naturally I had to visit both the EB in Conestoga Mall and then the EB by Sports World. Friday night, on my way to my girlfriend’s place, I stopped at EB in Conestoga to pre-order a few games. I pre-ordered UFC 2009 Undisputed, inFamous, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and Prototype all for the Playstation 3. As I stood at the counter, talking to the friendly clerk, I asked about the Prototype Collector’s Edition. He told me that there was no option on his computer for me to reserve a Collector’s Edition copy. I really hope that this isn’t one of those U.S. release only Collector Editions. That would really piss me off. The clerk didn’t know anything about it. I will check again tomorrow.

After talking about my pre-orders, I looked past the EB employee to the glass cabinet behind him. Within I saw that there was a Collector’s Edition of Devil Summoner 2. It was just recently released and is an Atlus title. It has an 84 on Metacritic, but I didn’t know it at the time. It was the last one. After about a minute of inner debate, I decided it was a good idea to grab it. This was the first game I picked up. The store was closing, so that is all I really had time to buy.

On Saturday, as everyone in the house was readying for the wedding in the morning, I decided that I wanted to go for a drive. I drove back to the same EB Games and took a better look around. I found a few titles that I wanted.

I found Daxter and Final Fantasy I and II for the PSP. Daxter is in the top 20 PSP games on Metacritic, so I picked it up used for $15. I didn’t notice at the time, but the case was slightly cracked in the top right corner. No big deal though. Can always get another case. Final Fantasy I + II are sealed, as you may have noticed. I had picked up FF II with the intention of only buying that one. They didn’t have FF I on the display. I took it to the counter and the guy brought me out a new sealed copy and told me that sometimes they get in new sealed games labeled as used. He mentioned he also have FF I as well, and that it was “used” too. I snagged them both for $15 each, brand new. Excellent.

I also found Metroid Prime for the Game Cube for $15. It’s in good shape, other than some minor scratches on the disc. I used to have this game a long time ago. I lent it to a friend, and during the time it was with him, one of his house mates decided to pack up and move out over night. During this process, the guy stole almost all of the games I had lent to my friend. If I ever see that guy again, I shall make him pay.

Yesterday, during the afternoon, my girlfriend’s brother-in-law and I went to the EB Games by Sports World to have a quick break away from the house before supper. I looked around and found a few more games there.

GrimGrimoire for the Playstation 2 is a game I had thought about buying back a while ago, so I decided to grab it. It’s a Real-Time Strategy. I haven’t really played it yet, but we’ll see how it is someday.

I noticed that this EB had some old Playstation 1 games, so I decided to take a quick look through. Bust-A-Move 2 was in there, and was in surprisingly good shape. I picked it up for $3. I used to love playing this game with friends at the arcade.

Browsing the used Xbox games, I found Forza. It’s in pretty good shape overall. I will likely actually play this a bit, since I love Forza 2 and have never really played the original.

Project Gotham Racing for the Xbox. Yes, another racing game. I likely won’t play it since I have PGR 3 and 4 now, but it’s just nice to have them all. Just need to find PGR 2 now. The case for this one was a bit rough, but otherwise it’s fine.

All of the games I purchased work. Yay.

During my time away, I also got around to playing some PSP. I played quite a bit of Resistance: Retribution and a little Loco Roco 2. I expect to be finished Resistance within the next week or so, depending on how much I play obviously.


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