Trivial Pursuit for PS3

I borrowed Trivial Pursuit from Brock the other day so I could get an easy Platinum. He has a Game Access account, and he got this game from them to platinum as well. He finished it and lent it to me for the weekend. I’ve been playing it, and it has been annoying me so much it makes me hate it. But, since it’s holding my sixth platinum, I must finish it. Tonight.

Game Access is a place that for just $9.95 a month you can have one game out at a time, and they ship for free. You pretty well want to get a platinum account so you can switch games as many times as you want each month. 2 games cost $24.95/month, and so far Brock has been using it and he thinks it’s great. The games ship in a few days and come with a stamped envelope for you to return them.

Update: It is finished. I was awarded the platinum and immediately removed the dirty rotten disc from my Playstation 3. Never again I thought as I tossed it aside. That is platinum six, and there are more to come. I’m thinking I’ll try a game that I’ve already got a lot of the trophies for like Killzone 2 or Midnight Club L.A. I might play Ski-Doo Challenge because it’s another that I’ve borrowed or Mercs 2, since it’s a fairly quick one.


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