My guide to the Ferrari Challenge Platinum

I have sunk a lot of time into Ferrari Challenge over the past two or more weeks. As of right now I STILL do not have the platinum. I played it for so long today that I can’t continue with it until tomorrow, but I’m JUST about there. Here is a small review and a strategy on how to get the platinum quickly, and avoid a few things that I had trouble with.

First off, my small review. This is a straight up racing game. By that I mean that there are no power ups and the cars control similarly to how they would in real life. I played through with all of the assists on and the difficulty at easy, so they were very easy to control. The game includes 22 Ferraris which can be unlocked with credits earned from completing races. They are easy to unlock just by playing the game. There’s also a secret car, the 599, which can be unlocked by entering a code. There’s a vinyl shop that you can use to add decals to the car, but I didn’t bother with this because it didn’t help me get a platinum any faster. There’s an online mode but there aren’t any trophies for online play so I didn’t bother. There’s a tutorial, a 3 race trophy event for each car, time trials, an arcade event, and 3 challenge events. These all had a bit of variation, but overall it’s just racing. The game looks nice, and there was a water effect on the car when it rained that looked pretty cool. The only two issues with the graphics that I had was the fps dropped slightly occationally, and the car damage wasn’t very good, but I turned it off. It’s fun, and it was worth the $20 or so that I paid for it. I likely won’t play it again once I get the platinum.

Now for my advice on how to get the platinum as fast as possible.
First, you want to go into the options, set the game duration to 5 minutes, difficulty to beginner, and turn the damage off, and turn all of the assists to max.
Next is the tutorial. There are a few trophies to get here, and I suggest playing it first. It’s very easy and you should have no problem getting the trophies here. Next I suggest playing the challenge mode. There are three events here, one for Italy, one for Europe, and one for North America. In each event there are 7 race days, consisting of a qualifier and 2 races. When you start, you need to play the qualifiers so you can get maximum points for each event, because they are needed for the trophies. Wait in the qualifier by pressing square to the time is 3 minutes and change. This will give you 3 laps, which should be enough to come in first. Just get first in everything and try not to go off the track and you will have no problem getting through everything.
Next up, play the arcade. You want to buy the FXX for this. I tried it using a couple different cars but then I couldn’t get past the first race in expert. I switched to the FXX and had no problem at all.
The time trial should be no problem using the FXX.
Lastly you’ll need to buy each car and play the trophy races for each one. This fairly easy, except for one. For some reason I just could not come in first on the first race using the 512 M. I tried it over and over but the first few cars just kept their lead the entire race. The way I won this was coming in fourth on the first race, then smashing the lead car into the sand, and it put this one into fourth place. That is where it remained for the rest of the race, ensuring I came out with the most points in the end.
That should give you the platinum. If not, there’s likely a challenge card you have missed, and you’ll just need to go back and get those.


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