Just Some News On BioShock 2

I was reading this morning that BioShock 2 will have a multi-player option. They say that those worried about this having a bad influence on the single-player game shouldn’t worry one bit, but details on this multi-player mode haven’t been disclosed yet.

I wonder what the multi-player options will be. Maybe one person is a big sister and they have to protect their little sister from other players who play as splicers? Or something similar? What do you think? Any ideas of what the multi-player mode(s) could be?

For more information on BioShock 2, you can check out one of the following links:
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or you can check out my friend’s condensed preview of BioShock at Geeksploit.


One Response to “Just Some News On BioShock 2”

  1. Bioshock just seems like one of those series where multiplayer simply isn’t needed. It’s a strong single player, narrative driven game. I’d rather they pool more resources into that than make a multiplayer mode that probably won’t come close to competing with Halo or Resistance or CoD.

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