Reading Shit On The Internet Is Fun!

I am still awake from yesterday, and I thought I’d take a break from playing games and read some stuff on the internet. It’s fun, and wholesome entertainment. Gaming news mainly, but I also resort to Digg for some entertaining news as well. I’ll be mixing some of that into my post today.

This is a list of games that never had sequels. The argument is that they should have had sequels. There are definitely some familiar names on there, but I can’t say as I would agree 100% with the list. I definitely agree with Ring of Red for the PS2. I used to love that game a lot. I actually do still have it, and on occasion, it wanders into my mind and asks me to play. Ah, anyway, read the list and let me know what you think, via comments.

On the BitTorrent side of things, I read an interesting article on a record label sponsoring isoHunt. I liked the idea of it, and hopefully some game developers/publishers will do the same one day.

How would you feel if you opened a birthday present and received a Nintendo DS? If you said you’d be happy, then how would you feel it you opened it and got a box of rocks!? HA! THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A SPOILED LITTLE BRAT! CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

If your penis is sore, don’t read this. Just some people with useless talents. Not gaming related, other than I stumbled across it while looking for gaming news. Good enough? Shut your face.

Apparently, the new Resident Evil game, “The Darkside Chronicles”, for the Wii will have 360 caliber graphics. Check out the article and trailer here, and see for yourself.

At E3 this year, Sony will be unveiling their new PSP. The new hand held from Sony will be download only. No more UMD games to worry about. As said in the linked article, “the new PSP will come in two configurations: one that features 8GB of internal memory and another that has 16GB”. If that is true, it will be excellent. I love my PSP and I am eager to see how this new one turns out.


3 Responses to “Reading Shit On The Internet Is Fun!”

  1. I’ve always wanted a PSP, if only to crack the firmware and play PS1 games. But whenever the hankering for one REALLY comes on strong is when I have the least amount of money to spend.

  2. And somebody actually put together a list of 123 games that need sequels? Holy shit.

  3. Yeah, you always want stuff more when you have the least money. So many games…*cries*

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