Gaming update for April 30, 2009

I’m still playing Ferrari Challenge, it’s fun, but I’m growing tired of playing it every day. I have 46% of the trophies.

I’ve also been playing Eve Online every night for the past few nights. Since I’ve joined Bloodstone Industries I have been mining for them. So far it’s going well, and I can play Ferrari Challenge as I mine.

I downloaded and installed Free Realms, mainly because it’s a free MMO that is going to be on the PS3, but it seems very dumb. One of the races is a Pixie, and, well, it just looks too lame.

The best news of the day is that Empire Total War is patched. Creative Assembly has finally patched the game to what should have been finished upon release. They have fixed numerous bugs and crash issues and it seems like they addressed every issue I had with it. The full patch list can be found here. I gave it a try, I started with Sweden and almost immediately attacked Russia. Denmark and Prussia-Lithuania were Russia’s allies and they joined. Prussia-Lithuania sent troops to attack my towns, and Prussia-Lithuania’s protectorate also joined in the fun. I attacked Norway, which was controlled by Denmark, then took my troops to attack Denmark’s capital, and Norwegian rebels stole Norway from me and became a new nation. It’s great.


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