The News For Today (April 29, 2009)

I was browsing Joystiq and Kotaku for the last 15 minutes and found some interesting headlines I want to share.

Left 4 Dead is a multi-player zombie bash. It’s a great game and is available for download on Steam, as most people already know. However, this Friday starting at 00:01 GMT, the game will be available on Steam for FREE! That is correct! FREE! The catch is that you can only play the game for that 24-hour window, and then the game will lock. It’s like a 24-hour demo of the full game. If you had any doubts on the game, now is your chance to try it out. Pre-load it now so that you can unlock it and have the full 24-hours to game. Read the article here.

Ultima Online is a game I played for two years. It is one of the oldest MMORPGs and it is still kicking. EA is releasing yet another expansion pack for the game to keep it alive for even longer. Stygian Abyss adds a new playable Gargoyle class to the game, as well as new areas to explore. Stygian Abyss, obviously, being one of the new areas, will be the largest dungeon ever implemented into the game. Here is the full article.

Grand Theft Auto IV is now one year old, and to celebrate this occasion they are releasing a limited edition 360 Elite bundle with the game packed in. You’d think that they would include some good stuff to go along with the bundle, but you may be surprised. I find this annoying, even though I don’t need to buy it. You’d think that Rockstar and Microsoft would know what gamers want. Pfft.Check it out.

Just a small piece on inFamous. Talk of trophies and stunts in the game. The more I see and hear, the more I want it. Damn these awesome games coming out and making me broke! LOOK!

Information on the Fallout 3 version 1.5 patch. Just look.

I was looking at this article, and I may have to look into this game. It’s called Trash Panic, and it’s like a mix of Katamari Damacy and Tetris. It sounds like it could be pretty addicting. Yes, more puzzle games, another tetris spin off, yada yada. Who cares, as long as the game is good and it introduces something different.

That is the news I read tonight. I’ll maybe post more later, if I get around to reading more at work.

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