Mail For April 29, 2009

Just a short post today about what I received in the mail from E-Bay. Here it is!

I received Lumines 2 for the PSP, brand new and sealed. It was also the cheapest copy I could find on E-Bay, so that made it even better. It is very similar to the original, other than it has new skins and more music. Not really 100% necessary to own if you already have the first one. It’s more like an expansion than a new game. I wanted it though, so I bought it. That and my girlfriend really likes Lumines, so she’ll appreciate it as well.

On a gaming note, this morning I played more Grid and more of the UFC 2009 Undisputed demo. I am getting a lot better at Grid and I am really getting into it. I will likely be playing this a lot for the next couple of weeks until UFC 2009 comes out. UFC is going to be a game I have to buy on it’s release day. I need it. It haunts my dreams and my thoughts. It’s a game that I feel I want to become good at. I can’t wait any longer! May 19 has to get here faster!

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